One question that comes up a lot here at the old Collector Sector involves the changes between the prototype and final versions of a WoS playset. Many collectors want to know why their Arcade has only three games as opposed to the five they saw in online pictures or why their Simpsons Kitchen has no corn on the curtains. The reason is that the pictures people see online or in toy magazines before an item’s release are prototype versions. It is not at all unusual for a company to make a few changes to a product before it is officially released. Some of these changes are for the better while some things are unfortunately scaled back due to cost issues. So, without further ado, we present you with a comprehensive list of these changes for all the WoS interactive environments.

*Living Room:

1. Couch changed to a lighter, more tannish color

2. Rug colors altered

3. Sky color in sailboat painting sticker slightly changed

4. "Itchy & Scratchy" sticker added to TV

5. TV antenna lengthened

6. Sticker added to window

7. Sticker added to doorway, allowing us too "see" Kitchen

*Nuclear Power Plant:

1. Wall color changed to light blue

2. Door sticker directly behind workstation changed (it's "open")

3. Scene in big window added; was previously bland symbols

4. Warning light red instead of yellow

5. Door sticker (next to window) changed slightly

6. Homer's workstation panel color changed

7. Homer's workstation sticker changed

8. Minor changing in painting of part of the pipes

9. Vent painted gray

10. Coloring of controls on back wall changed

11. Window frame painted grey

12. Door frames painted grey


1. Sticker added to big Squishee cone

2. Counter colors made darker

3. No sticker on jerky canister

4. Sticker added to microwave

5. Knobs added to microwave

6. Microwave now more aqua green in color

7. Cash register changed to brown color

8. Sticker added to cash register

9. Sticker on wall sign changed to "Free Refills"

10. Door sticker changed to include view of three bullies

11. The lids of the squishee and the big fake squishee dome were painted to look clear, so there were swirly squishee colors.

Bonus: Pushed back from first series to the second

*Springfield Elementary:

1. Two window display stickers changed

2. Alphabet sign changed from "AaBbCc" to "AaBbCcDd"

3. Chalkboard saying changed

4. The flag had a thinner pole and was longer

6. Flag was mounted much lower on the wall

Bonus: Originally slated to include Kamp Krusty Bart

*Town Hall:

1. Playset base color changed

2. Door colors changed

3. Door frame color changed

4. Red carpet added

5. Podium color slightly lightened

6. Slight changes in some microphones colors

7. Symbol added to podium front

8. Big "crowd scene" sticker changed

*Krustylu Studios:

1. Stage dome design changed (added polka dots)

2. Additional accessories added

Bonus: Originally called "Springfield TV Studio"


1. Playset base color lightened

2. "Lane" base color changed to match lower base

3. Wall color (sticker) color lightened

4. Sticker added to score table

5. Sticker added to screen

Bonus: Originally reported in early 2000 as including Pin Pal Homer

*Android's Dungeon:

1. Addition of the pennant sticker on the back wall.

*First Church of Springfield:

1. Top peg moved to accommodate Lovejoy's feet

2. Microphone removed from altar podium

3. Hymn book holder on pew back removed

4. The book on the podium was moved from a more central location to a lower one

5. Lovejoy had narrower shoulders and his feet were placed differently

*Noiseland Arcade:

1. Went from 5 games to 3

2. Games changed from purple to pink in color

3. Slight rearranging of pegs

*Simpsons Kitchen:

1. Corn curtains replaced with plain curtains

2. The floor color changed to light yellow and grey from light blue and beige

3. Removed a blender on the counter & a loaf of bread atop the fridge

4. Removed the socket the blender would plug into

5. Removed the salt and pepper molded atop the stove

6. No table

Bonus: Original sketch showed a regular Homer, not Muumuu Homer

*Krusty Burger:

1. There is one set of food on the back counter instead of two

2. Flat screen vs. Convex screen

*Springfield Elementary Cafeteria:

1. The swinging door on the right side of the entrance to the cafeteria (in the sticker with the kids fighting) is blue in the prototype. It's switched to brown in the final release to match the color of the opposite door that actually moves

*Springfield DMV

1. Bars are removed from the window of the DMV

*THOH I- Springfield Cemetary:

1. Cardboard background added

2. Homer Kong changed to episode-correct B&W color

3. Color of Dracula Burns' robes changed

4. Flanders pitchfork changed from black to grey

5. Flanders' "legs" changed to a much darker red color

6. Bart the Fly's head color is darker

*THOH II- Alien Spaceship:

1. Removal of articulation on Kang and Kodos' tentacles

2. Color of the drool was changed from purple to blue

*Lunar Base:

1. A bit more detailing in the playset sculpt

2. Playset painted purple-ish

3. "Radioactive Man" logo banner added

4. Flag accessory added

Silly Bonus: No longer a mashed food item.

*Family Christmas:

1. Bart's shirt color changed

2. Bart's pants color changed

3. Santa's Little Helper's antler color changed

4. Lisa's outfit changed from Santa suit to generic winter outfit

5. Piano color changed to purple-ish

6. Picture of Grampa added to wall

7. Top frame of playset changed from white to hot pink

*Mobile Home:

1. Lurleens' guitar strap is purple in the prototype, and white in the release.

2. Homer's boots and sleeves have painted studs in the prototype.

*High School Prom:

1. Bass Drum is a bright red in the prototype, much darker in the release.

2. There is space between the bunting and the bottom of the playset in the prototype, zero space in the release.

3. The legs on the floor tom (smaller drum) are not painted in the release, they are blocked from view in the prototype but I'm assuming they should be painted.

I would like to thank the following members, in no particular order, for their help in putting this together: ArtieAnole, beerbaron, B0b Frankend0rfer, Ham Salad, markwars1972, MDQuinn, RaechelR, the hurting glavin mmhey, and UltimatelySimpson247.

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