This year's annual Comic Con International in San Diego, California is coming up and we are inviting all attending SCS members to meet up with us at a number of planned events.The convention runs from Wednesday July 19 (Preview Night) through Sunday July 23 at the San Diego Convention Center. The two biggest SCS events planned are a BBQ on Thursday night and an official Simpsons Collectors Meeting on Friday evening at the Con. See the schedule below for all planned SCS meetups as well as some miscellaneous panels that may be of interest to our members. NOTE: All meetups will take place at the Bongo Comics booth, unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, July 19 (Preview Night: 6:00 to 9:00 p.m):

  • Meetup/Hanging Out: 8:45pm
    Meet with fellow SCS members towards the end of the Preview Night. SCS members will be grabbing some dinner at In N Out Burger before driving to a night of fun at a nearby Dave and Busters (2931 Camino Del Rio North).

Thursday, July 20:

  • Meetup: 10:30am
    Meet with fellow SCS members at the Bongo Comics booth to chat for a few minutes before heading off to get your Con on.
  • Action Figure Times Toymaker Q&A: 5:00-6:00pm, Room 7B
    Ever wanted to know why your favorite character figure was limited, or just what toy companies are thinking? How about the recent movement of toy licenses from one manufacturer to another? Here’s your chance to ask the manufacturers (both big and small) about their favorite figures and statues. What questions have been burning in your mind? Panelists include Jerry Malcaluso, president of SOTA, Randy Falk, head of product development for NECA, and Chuck Terceira, director of Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles.
  • Meetup/Hanging Out:
    Meet with fellow SCS members at the Bongo Comics booth near the end of the Convention for the official SCS dinner of 2006. SCS members are invited to a special BBBQ at the home of member 'Red The Trucker' (Ken) in San Diego. Bring your own gespacho. The BBQ starts 7pm; his home is at 1031 22nd Street. There will be hot dogs and brats, beans, potato salad, slaw or veggie alternatives. Sodas and alcoholic beverages will be served. If you need directions or details, email Ken at:

Friday, July 21:

  • Meetup: 10:30am
    Meet with fellow SCS members at the Bongo Comics booth to chat for a few minutes before heading off to get your Con on.
  • Action Figure Insider: Under the Knife panel: 2:30-3:30pm, Room 4
    Action figure sculpting is pop art that is just recently coming into the spotlight. In years past, nameless, faceless sculptors cranked out figure after figure of beloved characters, but now the sculptors are becoming better known among fans and the industry. In this discussion with some of the industry’s top sculptors you will learn the path that led them to many a fanboy’s dream job. Find out what tools and materials they use and where laser scanning ends and the sculptor takes over. Panelists will discuss mold making and painting, their favorites, and which characters they would like another crack at. Panelists include sculptors Barsom, DC Direct; Matt Falls, Sideshow Collectibles; Steve Kiwis, Eightball Studios; Mike Locasio, NECA; Ruben Procopio, Masked Avengers Studio; Jean St. Jean, McFarlane Toys; Phil Ramirez, Suspect Toys; and prototype painter Eddie Wires, Toy Biz. Moderated by Daniel “Julius Marx” Pickett from Action Figure Insider.
  • This next one is the official meetup, folks...

  • Simpsons Collectors Group Meeting: 6:00-7:30pm, Room 24A (in the new portion of the Convention Center, on the top floor, on the city-side hallway near the South end of the building)
    Simpsons collectors of the world unite! Take a break from the busy Con floor and get a chance to meet some of your fellow collectors of Simpsons merchandise. This gathering is sponsored by the staff of the website. Collectors from all over the country will be here. Meet the other Simpsons collectors that you see on the message boards and put faces to the names. This gathering is a great chance to network with other collectors from across the country and share your hobby with others.

  • Meetup/Hanging Out:
    Tentative plans for this night are for playing miniature golf at Boomers (6999 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.). A last-minute decision may be made to switch this to Saturday night, though.

Saturday, July 22:

  • Meetup: 10:30am
    Meet with fellow SCS members at the Bongo Comics booth to chat for a few minutes before heading off to get your Con on.
  • The Simpsons panel: 12:00-1:00pm, Room 20
    Heading into their unprecedented 18th season this fall, and with their historic 400th episode airing next spring, The Simpsons continues to entertain and delight. Members of the team responsible for the longest-running comedy on television will be on hand to answer the questions everyone wants to know, including: how do you continue to keep it so good? Panelists include Matt Groening, creator and executive producer; James L. Brooks, executive producer; Matt Selman, executive producer; Al Jean, executive producer and head writer; Don Payne, co-executive producer; Bill Odenkirk, co-executive producer; Matt Warburton, supervising producer; Mike Scully, producer; and David Silverman, director. Moderated by Bill Morrison.
  • Todd McFarlane: The Devil’s in the Details panel: 2:30-3:30pm, Room 5AB
    Todd McFarlane and associates will talk about the current projects of the McFarlane companies, including McFarlane Toys’ current toy lines, upcoming licenses and the future of Todd’s cutting-edge toy company. The panel will also preview upcoming new comic titles and review the changes to the core titles in Todd’s comics company. The newest project (an animated video for Disturbed’s Land of Confusion) from Todd McFarlane Entertainment will be shown. The panel will also discuss the many changes and new features coming to the McFarlane companies’ website,, and open the floor to questions from the audience. Panel participants include Todd McFarlane (Spawn), TME president Terry Fitzgerald, Brian Haberlin (Spawn), David Hine (Strange Embrace, Spawn), Philip Tan (Uncanny X-Men, Spawn), and Brian Holguin (Spawn).
  • Bongo Comics Sneak Peek panel: 4:00-5:00pm, Room 1A
    Bongo Comics offers a mouth-watering preview of upcoming projects featuring The Simpsons and Futurama. Managing editor Terry Delegeane and creative director Bill Morrison will host a panel featuring the writers and artists who create the comics and books based on Matt Groening’s phenomenal TV shows. Learn the answers to the questions that keep you awake at night! Will the Infinite Crisis alter Homer’s craving for pork rinds? Will the Civil War cause a split between Fry and Bender? Will Bongo get sued if they actually do stories based on concepts from other comic book companies? Get the answers to these questions, plus find out what’s in the future for Futurama Comics, who’s lurking in this year’s star-studded issue of Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror, and what to expect in Simpsons Super Spectacular. This is a ”must-attend” panel for all fans of The Simpsons and Futurama and anyone looking for a place to sit down.
  • Action Figure Customizing: Boiling, Popping, and Painting panel: 4:00-5:30pm, Room 24A
    Join a group of action figure customizers who create the toys they always wanted but couldn't buy. Share tips and tricks. Bring examples of your figures for all to gaze upon. All scales, skill levels, DC, Marvel, and more are welcome.
  • Behind the Plastic: From Concept to Collectible panel: 6:00-7:00pm, Room 1A
    What are the steps to making an action figure? This panel of toy professionals discusses the process of how your favorite characters go from an idea on paper to a toy in your hot little hands. Preproduction, design, and manufacturing are part of the process, but what does that entail? How does a character get chosen? Why do they pick a particular version of a character? What materials do they use? Ask any burning question you’ve ever had about the action figure business and be a fly on the wall as some of the top names in the industry sit down together, as they do only once a year at this event, and talk toys. Panelists include Jesse Falcon, VP of product development, Toy Biz; Kevin Eslinger, creative director, Master Replicas; Brant Bridges, product manager, Sideshow Collectables; Digger, president and founder, Art Asylum; Jerry Macaluso, president, SOTA Toys; Geoff Beckett, president, Shocker Toys; and Jessie DeStasio, product manager, Jazwares. Moderated by Daniel “Julius Marx” Pickett from
  • Meetup/Hanging Out:
    Meet with fellow SCS members at the Bongo Comics booth near the end of the Convention for another evening of fun. Plans are TBD for this night. Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 23:

  • Meetup: 10:30am
    Meet with fellow SCS members at the Bongo Comics booth to chat for a few minutes before heading off to get your Con on.

Thanks to Clochette, RedTheTrucker, and others for their planning efforts!

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