Bill: "And now, to present the award for Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence is the villanous Collector!"

The Collector: "I am honored to be here. As a humongous geek myself, it is my privilege to present this award to the WoS geek who most went above and beyond the call of duty in the past few years. And the winner is... a man whom they call Captain Toy, remind me to make him my archnemesis- Michael Crawford!"

Michael Crawford: "Wow! Thanks so very much for honoring me in this final year of WOS. It's been a pleasure working with both Playmates and all the fantastic people at SCS, and I'm hoping we can continue that tradition with all the new companies that pick up various Simpsons licenses.

It's even a greater honor to be selected with so many other outstanding folks on the list, and here working on the boards. Thanks once again for the award, and for all the great memories made and to come!"

Back at Town Square

Doug: "We got permission from our mothers to come here and present the award for Best Couple. Too bad there's no 'Best Trio' award. [*all laugh geekily in unison*] Heh. The winner of this award is... oh my, Kang and Kodos!"

Kang and Kodos arrive and proceed to rain havoc down on the Square.

Gary: "Run for your lives!!! Aaahhhh!!!!"

Kang: "That's it, earthlings. Flee from us! Today we have won this accept, tomorrow we will take the world!! [*laughs evilly*] Ahahaha!"

Krusty grabs an old board and prepares to chase them off.

Kodos: "Run! He's got a board with a nail in it!"

Back at Main Street

Bill: Oh my. Anyway, we thank you for joining us. We have reached the final part of tonight's ceremony. To present the award for Best Female is the winner of that award in 2002, Witch Marge."

Witch Marge: "Hello. Maybe instead of presenting the award, I should just turn you all into slugs!"

Bill and Marty gasp.

Witch Marge: "Oh please, I'm just kidding. So jumpy. And the winner is, Agnes Skinner!"

Agnes Skinner: "You bet your sweet bippy I won! And it's about time I got recognized! Or even released for that matter. Seymour, carry my award!"

Principal Skinner: "Yes, mother."

Agnes Skinner: "Move it! You carry like a girl!"

Marty: "And now, the final award of the evening: Best Male Figure from the WoS line. To present this award is the very first winner of Best Figure from 2000... Chief Wiggum! Come on down, Chief!"

Chief Wiggum: "Ahh, that's some nice introducing, boys. Dozens of figures were nominated for this award and, after narrowing it down to five final choices, you collectors selected a winner. And let's see who you picked... it's [*opens envelope*]... Dr. Stephen Hawking!"

Dr. Hawking choppers in...

Stephen Hawking (through computer voice): "Thank you. This award means a lot to me. I suppose this makes up for never having won a Nobel Prize. Those bastards will pay for that. Anyway, this is a great honor to me and I issue a final thank you to Matt Groening for requesting my immortalization as an action figure."

A large crowd gathers at Main Street to say goodbye.

Tux Krusty: "That concludes the fifth and final Blinky Awards ceremony. Thanks for tuning in! We want to thank everyone who worked at Playmates Toys on the WoS line, including Jeff Trojan, Pat Linden, and many others. We also want to thank all the retailers who supported the line over the years. Finally, we want to thank everyone at the Simpsons Collector Sector community for helping to make WoS such a historic line! Goodnight, everyo.... what the hell??!!

A strange creature appears on the scene...

The Collector: "Great Ceasar's Ghost! This beast will devour us all! Run!!"

Everyone flees in terror before the sight of the beast, who now lords over Main Street.

THE END????????

Or merely a new beginning??!

Only time will tell!

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