Our activities start inside the First Church of Springfield. A special service is being held... a funeral service for the World of Springfield line, which recently met its demise. Reverend Lovejoy continues his eulogy.

Rev. Lovejoy: "My friends, fellow citizens, nerds, and monsters, we are gathered here to mourn the loss of the World of Springfield, which has brought us together these past few years."

The crowd listens as he continues...

Comic Book Guy: *sniff* "What toys am I to scalp now?"

Lisa: "Sorry to interrupt this sobfest, but is a funeral truly the best way to honor the World of Springfield? I thought we were going to have another awards ceremony?"

Rev. Lovejoy: "Ohh, right. Hmm, perhaps this is a bit... depressing. Fine. We shall move then to more upbeat surroundings..."

The scene moves to the Springfield Town Square, where celebrity all-star Troy McClure is hosting one part of the awards ceremony, as the statue of the town's founder peeks over his shoulder.

Troy McClure: "Hi, I'm Troy McClure! You might remember me from such awards ceremony as the 10th Annual Neil Diamond Impersonators Awards and the 1998 Source Awards! Tonight, we are here to honor the best of the best, the greatest figures in the entire World of Springfield line. After over 200 figures and almost 40 playsets, this line will receive its awards. And now we go to my colleagues Bill and Marty, on Main Street."

Bill: "Thanks, Troy."

Marty: "And remember everyone, if you wanna win awards in this business, you gotta stay fresh!"

Both laugh


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