Next up is the NJ Croce Co., makers of the many Simpsons bendable items available now. Available in specialty stores like MediaPlay and FYE now in the figures line are Series 1 (Simpsons family), Series 2 (Power Plant crew), Series 3 (Krustylu characters) and THOH I (zombie Simpsons). Coming soon is Series 4, themed to Springfield Elementary. It will consist of Bart with his red cap and backpack, Principal Skinner, Ms. Krabapple, Milhouse, and Ralph Wiggum (with a bonus figure of Lumpy the snake). Also coming this summer is the THOH II set (pictured below), consisting of Vampire Burns, King Kong Homer, Cat Marge, Devil Flanders, Bart the Fly, a bonus Evil Krusty doll. NJ Croce also makes bendable magnets, keychains, and more.

Bendable Figure Line

Toy Fair 2004 - NJ Croce - Series 1 and 2 Toy Fair 2004 - NJ Croce - Series  4 Toy Fair 2004 - NJ Croce - THOH II

These are the popular bendable figures. There are three series out now and a THOH set. Another series is on the way, as well as another THOH set (pictured here in loose form).

Individually Carded Figures

Toy Fair 2004 - NJ Croce - Mini Bendies

Available individually carded are the Simpsons family members (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie) from Series 1 and an Itchy & Scratchy set.


Toy Fair 2004 - NJ Croce - Keychains

There are a number of bendable keychains, ranging from 2.5-4" in height. Available are Homer, Bart, Santa's Little Helper, Blinky, Krusty, Itchy, Scratchy, and Mr. Teeny.


Toy Fair 2004 - NJ Croce - Magnets

Available are bendable magnets of the Simpsons family.

Picture Frames

Toy Fair 2004 - NJ Croce - Picture Frames

They also have detailed 4x6" photo frames.

2004 Toy Fair exclusive

Toy Fair 2004 - NJ Croce - Bart Exclusive

This year's exclusive was a Bart figure, numbered out of 2,004.

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