SCS member mh002a6228 (Martyn Hume) recently received a number of World of Springfield test shots from Hong Kong. A test shot is an early type of prototype. As written by Markwars1972 in this previous article, a test shot is when making a new figure the factory "will first run a few tests on the molds to see if there is any flashing (extraneous plastic leakage at the seams) or issues with ill fitting parts. These tests are not done with any care for aesthetics and the factory will use whatever colors of plastic that they have on hand. Sometimes these colors are the same as the final product, sometimes they aren't." The test shots he received were from the first and only rerelease series (including the never released Burns and Smithers) and from Series 14. Here is a look at the test shots, with thanks to Martyn.

Series 14 Test Shots

Test Shot - Ms. Botz - Front Test Shot - Ms. Hoover - Back Test Shot - Ms. Hoover - Front Test Shot - Louie - Back Test Shot - Louie - Back Test Shot - Luigi - Back Test Shot - Luigi - Front Test Shot - Sarcastic Man - Back Test Shot - Sarcastic Man - Front Test Shot - Kilt Willie - Back Test Shot - Kilt Willie - Front

Rerelease Test Shots

Test Shot - Apu Rerelease - Back Test Shot - Apu Rerelease - Front Test Shot - Grampa Rerelease - Back Test Shot - Grampa Rerelease - Front Test Shot - Homer Rerelease - Back Test Shot - Homer Rerelease - Front Test Shot - Krusty Rerelease - Back Test Shot - Krusty Rerelease - Front Test Shot - Maggie Rerelease - Back Test Shot - Maggie Rerelease - Front Test Shot - Marge Rerelease - Back Test Shot - Marge Rerelease - Front Test Shot - Milhouse Rerelease - Back Test Shot - Milhouse Rerelease - Front

Mr. Burns and Smithers - Rerelease Test Shots

Test Shot - Mr. Burns Rerelease - Front Test Shot - Mr. Burns Rerelease - Front Test Shot - Smithers Rerelease - Back Test Shot - Smithers Rerelease - Front

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