Playmates Toys has sent us the official promo shots of WoS Series 15 and 16 (due in January and March '04, respectively) figures and playsets. Thanks to Playmates and Michael Crawford MWC for the images.

Series 15 Figures

WoS - Series 15 - Promo Shot WoS - Series 15 - Brandine WoS - Series 15 - Comic Book Guy WoS - Series 15 - Deep Space Homer WoS - Series 15 - Handsome Moe WoS - Series 15 - Manjula WoS - Series 15 - Octoplets

Series 15 consists of Deep Space Homer, Brandine, Handsome Moe, The Octoplets, Manjula, and a new Comic Book Guy.

Power Plant Lunch Room

WoS - Power Plant Caf - Promo Power Plant Lunch Room - Detail Shot Lunch Room - Frank Grimes

The playset accompanying Series 15 is the Power Plant Lunch Room with an exclusive Frank Grimes figure.

Series 16 Figures

WoS - Series 16 - Promo WoS - Series 16 - Agnes Skinner WoS - Series 16 - Bugging Bart WoS - Series 16 - Devil Homer WoS - Series 16 - Doug WoS - Series 16 - Gary and Benjamin WoS - Series 16 - Artie Ziff

Series 16 consists of Doug, Agnes Skinner, Artie Ziff, Bugging Out Bart, Gary and Benjamin, and Devil Homer.

Springfield Town Square

Town Square - Jebediah Springfield Town Square - Jebediah Statue WoS - Town Square - Promo

The playset accompanying Series 16 is the Springfield Town Square with an exclusive Jebediah Springfield figure.

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