The SCS presents the fifth in a series of looks at the pre-production art of the World of Springfield line, thanks to Chris Lauria (SimpsonsToyMaker), who does most of the playset art for Playmates Toys. Our latest feature is on the making of the Toys 'R Us exclusive THOH II: Alien Ship. Here's the scoop directly from Chris:

Hello, everyone!

Here are a couple of rough concept images for the "Treehouse Of Horror 2"playset. The controls will be coming soon.

As you can see from the first sketch, we originally had a complete wall on the back of the set. We had to change this (second sketch) to reduce the amount of plastic. Once again, costs affect the design....

We also had the 'center console' on all of the sketches, and even in the controls (I will send those for posting very soon). It was removed due to costs as well as size restrictions.

This was another set that was hard to 'map-out' since we did not have the Kang & Kodos figures to work with. We knew about how tall they would be, but that really wasn't enough info to precisely determine their overall size (you can even see how I adjusted the scale from the first sketch to the second). Most of the cost of this set went into those two figures. There is a lot of plastic to make them, plus the clear domes and spray-ops helped make them pretty complex compared to any other Simpsons figures. The figures ended up looking great, and I was pleased with the set overall, considering the restraints. I still wish the back wall was one solid piece.

More to follow.



Thanks to Chris and Playmates Toys again!

Rough Early Art

THOH2 Control Art (Version A) THOH2 Control Art (Version B)

The first rough control art for the playset.
Control Drawing

THOH 2 Rough Control Art

Hello, everyone!

Here are the controls for the THOH-2 playset.

Once again, these are ROUGH control views, and were done traditionally (pencil on trace), but at this point, I was trying to indicate some more detail even at a rough stage. Note the "cross section" view that shows the thickness and shape of the wall panels.

I wish I had started using Illustrator to do the controls at this time - it would have been much easier to create these views! Those large curves and symmetrical sections were a pain in the a$$.

Enjoy! More to follow!


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