Bored with the way that the SCS site looks? It's no coincidence that CSS and SCS share the same letters! Why not take an alternate style for a spin!

The style switcher, located at the bottom of the right-hand menu, is composed of the word "STYLE" (linked to this article) next to a box for each style available. Click on the box to load that style.

By clicking on the blank box with the word "EXT" in it, you will be prompted for the address of an external stylesheet. This will enable you to switch to a stylesheet of your own devising. To test this out, you can enter the address "/css/generic.css" (without the quotes).

If you know some CSS (or are willing to learn) and you'd like to try your hand at your own style/design for the site, we've assembled a few files to assist you.

  • Example stylesheet: generic.css this is a copy of our current style which has been cleaned up to (hopefully) assist those unfamiliar with the site with understanding what each section is.
  • Supplemental stylesheets: newspics_ie.css, newspics_stand.css these stylesheets contain code which specifies the height of news items, release items and member images listings which contain float:left thumbnail images (div.newspics, div.releases and .tnail). If you need to override these styles in your style, use !important.
  • Images:
    • Logo: scslogo.psd this is our logo "banner" in Photoshop format.
    • Flair: right_mainstreet.psd our heading-area image of World of Springfield figures and Main Street.
    • Background: bar_off.psd this image is used as a background on some of our divider bars.

An excellent reference for CSS is available at index DOT CSS. The TopStyle CSS editor has been recommended to me on many occasions (though I have not used it).

If you have an idea for a new style or other design change to the site, feel free to send it in. Be as specific and realistic as possible...


- Install the Akbar Font

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Can't see the menu? Try the site without styles

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