In June, 2000, Playmates VP of Boys Toys Jeff Trojan asked the members of our forum to put together a list of multi-pack ideas, as a way of expanding the concept Playmates began with Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy. We came up with over 80 ideas for multi-packs consisting of over 250 unique figures. Here is a list of all our ideas, followed by Jeff Trojan's response:

Episode-Themed Two-pack Sets

Season 2:
1) Homer in Drag and Ned in Drag w/ Sir Putts-A-Lot Golf Course from “Dead Putting Society”
Season 3:
2) Baseball Homer and Coach Burns w/ Dugout from “Homer at the Bat”
Season 4:
3) Mr. Black and Barney as Krunchy the Clown w/ Campgrounds from “Kamp Krusty”
4) Ruth Powers and Laura Powers w/ Powers' Home from “New Kid on the Block”
5) Mr. Plow Homer and Plow King Barney w/ Snowed-in Driveway from “Mr. Plow”
6) Bigger Brother Tom and Little Brother Pepe w/ Sidewalk from “Brother from the Same Planet”
Season 5:
7) Future Robotic Mr. Burns and Future Robotic Dog Smithers w/ Post-Apocalyptic War Zone including Bobo from “Rosebud”
8) Krusty Burger Grampa and Krusty Burger Squeaky-Voiced Teen w/ Krusty Burger Kitchen from “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy”
Season 6:
9) Itchy Robot and Scratchy Robot w/ Park Parade Street from “Itchy and Scratchy Land”
10) Birch Barlow and Sideshow Bob in Suit w/ Debate Stage from “Sideshow Bob Roberts”
11) “Gougers” Lisa and “Pigs” Bart w/ Ice Hockey Rink from “Lisa on Ice”
12) Don Vittorio DiMaggio and Homer as Krusty the Clown w/ Mafia Hideout from “Homie the Clown”
13) Knight Ned and Knight Smithers w/ Fairgrounds from “Lisa's Wedding”
14) Adult Bride Lisa and Groom Hugh w/ Altar from “Lisa's Wedding”
15) Herman and Counterfeit Jeans Dealer Mr. Jericho w/ Simpsons' Garage from “The Springfield Connection”
16) Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville Manhattan w/ Hilltop including lemon tree from “Lemon of Troy”
17) Shelby and Shelby's Dad w/ Auto Impound Lot from “Lemon of Troy”
Season 7:
18) Color-Change Uniform Bart and Color-Change Uniform Lisa w/ School Playground from “Team Homer”
19) Cannonball Homer and Depressed Teen w/ Concert Stage from “Homerpalooza”
20) “Cool Clothes” Lisa and Erin w/ Beach from “Summer of 4 Ft. 2”
Season 8:
21) Belle and Dancer w/ Maison Derriere from “Bart After Dark”
22) Eugene and Rusty w/ Town Hall Seats from “Bart After Dark”
23) Straight-jacketed Ned and Dr. Foster w/ Mental Ward from "Hurricane Neddy"
24) Poochie and Roger Myers Jr. w/ Cartoon Studio from “The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show”
25) Cecil and Prisoner Sideshow Bob w/ Prison Visiting Room from “Brother from Another Series”
26) Blind Man and Burglar Bart w/ Blind Man's House including Laddie from “The Canine Mutiny”
27) Fisherman and Alien Moon Maiden w/ Moon Crater from “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson”
28) Academy Bart and Academy Lisa w/ Military Academy Grounds from “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson”
Season 9:
29) Cooder and Spud w/ Ring Toss Playset from “Bart Carny”
30) Naked Homer and Naked Marge w/ Lawn including strategically placed lawn ornaments from “Natural Born Kissers”
Season 10:
31) Bodyguard Homer and Jogging Suit Mayor Quimby w/ Mayor's Office from “Mayored to the Mob”
32) Amber and Ginger w/ Las Vegas Casino from “Viva Ned Flanders”
33) Costington's Clerk and Trent Steele w/ Costington's Store from “Homer to the Max”
34) Trucker Homer and Red Barclay w/ Steakhouse from “Maximum Homerdrive”
35) Homer as Adam and Marge as Eve w/ Garden of Eden from “Simpsons Bible Stories”
Season 11:
36) President Lisa and Bum Bart w/ Future Oval Office from “Bart to the Future”

Episode-Themed Multi-pack Sets (3 or more)

Season 1:
1) Cesar, Huguolin, Dirty Clothes Bart, and Adil w/ French Chateau from “The Crepes of Wrath”
Season 2:
2) Teen-age Homer, Teen-age Marge, and Artie Ziff w/ High School Prom from “The Way We Was”
Season 4:
3) Llewellyn Sinclair, Streetcar Marge, and Streetcar Ned w/ Streetcar Stage from “A Streetcar Named Marge”
4) 1980s Flashback Homer, Marge, Bart, and Baby Lisa w/ Simpsons' Apartment from “Lisa’s First Word”
5) The Seven Duffs w/ Duff Gardens from “Selma’s Choice”
6) Kids as “Mediocre Presidents” Taylor, Tyler, Fillmore, Hayes, and William Henry Harrison (he died in 30 days) w/ School Stage from “I Love Lisa”
Season 5:
7) The Be-Sharps w/ Moe's Rooftop from “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet”
8) Benjamin, Doug, and Gary w/ Dorm Room from “Homer Goes to College”
9) Malloy the Cat Burglar, Homer (Jungle Explorer), Apu (Indian Military), Skinner (Green Beret), Barney (Fast Food), and Moe (Boy Scout/German Kaiser Helmet) w/ Street or Museum Exterior from “Homer the Vigilante”
10) Astronaut Homer, Race Banyon, Buzz Aldrin, and Inanimate Carbon Rod w/ Corvair Spaceship from “Deep Space Homer”
Season 6:
11) Jessica Lovejoy, Helen Lovejoy, and Reverend Lovejoy in Casual Clothes w/ Lovejoys' Home from “Bart’s Girlfriend”
12) Stonecutters including Stonecutter Homer w/ Stonecutter Meeting Place from “Homer the Great”
13) Superfriends including Database, Ham, E-Mail, Cosine, and Report Card w/ Springfield Observatory from “Bart’s Comet”
14) Shelbyville Kids including Milhouse w/ Shelbyville Bluffs including graffiti or Shelbyville Street including yellow fire hydrant and trail of lemons from “Lemon of Troy”
Season 7:
15) The Flying Hellfish including Mr. Burns and Grampa w/ World War II Trench from “Raging Abe Simpson and his Grumbling Grandson in 'The Curse of the Flying Hellfish’”
Season 8:
16) Cypress Creek Schoolchildren including Milhouse w/ “Leg-up” Classroom from “You Only Move Twice”
17) Glow-in-the-Dark Mr. Burns, Mulder, Scully, and Leonard Nimoy w/ Forest from “The Springfield Files”
18) Toddler Bart, Toddler Lisa, Toddler Milhouse, etc. w/ Kindergarten from “Lisa's Sax”
Season 9:
19) Football Bart, Football Nelson, and Football Milhouse w/ Sidelines from “Bart Star”
20) Marge in Red Blazer, Cookie, and Gil w/ Real Estate Office from “Realty Bites”
21) Homer's Relatives w/ Simpsons' Front Yard from “Lisa the Simpson”
22) Navy Homer, Navy Moe, Navy Apu, and Navy Barney w/ Submarine from “Simpson Tide”
Season 10:
23) Egyptian-clothed Variants including Bart, Lisa, Milhouse as Moses, Pharaoh Skinner, Chief Wiggum, etc. w/ Desert from “Simpsons Bible Stories”
24) Bart, Ralph Wiggum, and Nelson w/ Tower of Babel from “Simpsons Bible Stories”
25) Renaissance Garb MENSA group and Stephen Hawking w/ Gazebo from “They Saved Lisa’s Brain”
Season 11:
26) Manjula, “Milking” Apu, and Octuplets w/ Nahasapeemapetilons' Apartment from “Eight Misbehavin’”
27) Becky, Marge in Comic Guy's Stolen Clothes, and Homer in Leather w/ Dungeon-decorated Simpsons' Living Room from “It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge”

General 2-pack Sets (not specific to one episode)

1) Arnie Pie and Scott Christian w/ Newsroom
2) Sam and Larry w/ Pool Table Area
3) Bill and Marty w/ KBBL Studio including DJ 2000 and plenty of sound effects
4) Gunter and Ernst w/ Casino Stage including white tiger Anastasia
5) Drederick Tatum and Lucious Sweet w/ Boxing Ring
6) Orphan Kids including Patches and Poor Violet w/ Soup Kitchen
7) Toddler Homer and Toddler Marge from "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy" and "Fear of Flying"
8) Hyper-Obese Simpsons including Hyper-Obese Adult Bart and Hyper-Obese Adult Lisa from “King-Size Homer” and “Lisa the Simpson”

General Multi-pack Sets (not specific to one episode)

1) Sherri, Terri, Rod, Todd, Janey, Wendell, Lewis, Richard, and/or Uter w/ School Playground or School Bus
2) The Happy Little Elves w/ TV-shaped playset simulating a TV screen
3) Blue-Haired Lawyer, Judge Snyder, and Female Judge w/ Courtroom
4) McBain, Sidekick Skowie, and Senator Mendoza w/ McBain Movie Location Mendoza's Hideout
5) Space Mutant, Zorro, and The Scarlet Pimpernel w/ Aztec Theater
6) “Homer's Temptations” including Princess Kashmir, Mindy Simmons, and Lurleen Lumpkin w/ Heart-shaped Base
7) “Casual Springfield” including Kilted Willie, Plainclothes Sideshow Bob, Hibbert in Sweater, and Wiggum in Hawaiian Shirt w/ Springfield Mall
8) “Kids of Springfield Future” including Adult Maggie, Adult Milhouse, Adult Ralph, Adult Nelson, Adult Rod & Todd, etc. from “Lisa's Wedding” and “Bart to the Future”
9) “Babies of Springfield” including Maggie in Diaper, One-Eyebrowed Baby Gerald, Baby Bart, Baby Lisa, Baby Homer, etc. w/ Ayn Rand Day Care Center
10) “Child Actors” including Ron Howard, Gary Coleman, Mickey Rooney, and Butch Patrick
11) Clinton holding sax, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, and Nixon w/ Oval Office
12) Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson w/ Old-fashioned Oval Office

Treehouse of Horror Sets

1) Halloween Party Costumes including Homer as Julius Caesar, Marge as Cleopatra, Clockwork Orange Bart, Lisa as the Statue of Liberty, Milhouse as Radioactive Man, etc. w/ Halloween-decorated Simpsons' Living Room including spooky foods from “Treehouse of Horror III”
2) Witch Marge, Witch Patty, and Witch Selma w/ Witches' Cave from “Easy-Bake Coven” in “Treehouse of Horror VIII”
3) Collector Comic Guy, Stretch Dude Bart, and Clobber Girl Lisa w/ The Collector’s Lair from “Desperately Xeeking Xena” in “Treehouse of Horror X”

Jeff Trojan's Response

Thanks for the list of suggestions (2-4 packs). They've been printed and filed - much like our old Star Trek lists, which I went back to frequently in the last 2 years I run the line. Some are already on the proposed 2002 list, individually or in packs. One is in front of another major retailer who might consider exclusives. And, some had already been nixed by Gracie Films and Fox.

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