IMPORTANT: This offer has expired and no more orders are being accepted.

Playmates Toys sent us this announcement of a new promotional offer for the Llewellyn Sinclair and Cooder figures.


"The Simpsons", the longest running and most successful primetime animated series in TV history will celebrate its 14th anniversary this Fall! To commemorate this milestone, Playmates Toys is pleased to announce a very special "collectors only" on-line figure offer.

Purchase two Simpsons "Series 1 thru 9 World of Springfield Interactive Figures", "Interactive Environments", "Series 1 and 2 All-Star Voices Interactive figures" or a combination of each, and receive TWO NEW Simpsons Interactive Figures; the famously flamboyant theater director, Llewellyn Sinclair (voiced by Jon Lovitz) and the cotton candy, caramel apple-eatin' carnival worker, Cooder (voiced by Jim Varney).

You won't find these figures anywhere else! Don't miss this limited time offer to complete your Simpsons' collection!

Just send in a completed certificate (see attached), with two (2) proof-of-purchase (UPC Codes) from the package, a dated sales receipt, plus $5.00 to cover the cost of shipping and handling, in a check or money order, made payable to Playmates Toys Inc. and receive TWO SIMPSONS INTERACTIVE FIGURES.

To receive the figures, you must fill out and return this certificate (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software) along with two proofs-of-purchase (UPC codes) and a dated sales receipt for any of the products mentioned in the press release. Unlike the upcoming Be-Sharps promotional offer, the certificate and offer will only be available online, not packaged with an upcoming release.

If you are not able to retrieve the PDF (Acrobat) form, please contact us for an alternative.

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