It is our pleasure on this, the first anniversary of the Simpsons Collector Sector message board to officially announce the winner of our Grand Prize

To announce the winner, we bring you the SCS staff:

markwars1972: And the winner is.... Schtrike ...
phalen180: Isn't it spelled "Psyschtycqueusquseskwe"?
spanikopita: No, I think it's "Psssssssssstickyyyy"...
blueduck37: Mmmmm... Psylock
Guy Incogito: Psychotykquo!
paul actionfig: Passomaquaddie!
littleyellowpeople: Lemme see... PEE-WHY-ESS-ESS-EYE-SEE-KAY-WHY-QUE-YOU-EYE...
markwars1972: I give up, I'm going to have to copy and paste this...

And the winner of the $100 gift certificate to New Force Comics and SCS Logo Jersey IS -- Pschtyckque!

Pschtyckque: I'm speechless! (Which is a first for me!) *winks* You guys rock! Thank you so much! (See? I told you it was "9".)

phalen180: Congratulations, Psychtkcuqe! Let's take a look at the final scoreboard...

1 Pschtyckque 268   11 kroyton 451
2 donnieohyeah 269   12 bobo 460
3 MITScooby 271   13 dufftastic 460
4 jjamesc 271   14 billyd2 475
5 dancinhomer 310   15 boochydog 483
6 Brad Storch 342   16 dbol 485
7 silentsamaritan 420   17 mooselman 496
8 PrayForMojo 428    18 smoovranger 509
9 drnickriveria 444   19 ceramichutz 523
10 illyanadmc 448   20 micallef 524
232 johnnymac 3573        


spanikopita: I love to see all those regulars in the top 20!

markwars1972: It would be nice if all the non-regulars would come around a little more often. I get lonely without my pants and my 25,000,000 posts...

Guy Incognito: (interrupts) Ahem. Before we get on with the other winners, I've got a special prize for everyone who didn't win our guessing games! Check it out when you're done reading this article.

SCS Anniversary Wallpaper!

littleyellowpeople: Wow, GI, that's great wallpaper! Lemme go put that on my .... oh yeah! Here are our other winners, listed by day...

Contest Correct Count Winner
Day One: Counting Cards 586 PsychoDBoy
Day Two: Schroedinger's Figures 12 grizzly bear underwear
Day Three: Cockamamie's Accessories 227 silentsamaritan
Day Four: Mmmmmm... Donuts 742 illyanadmc

Guy Incognito: These next few just have pure dumb luck. No skill involved at all!

Contest Winner
Day One / Two Random Drawing Kroyton
Day Two / Three Random Drawing Ham Salad
Day Three / Four Random Drawing Dr Nguyen Van Faulk
Day Four / Five Random Drawing BrokeAsAJoke

spanikopita: Congratulations and thanks go out to the winners and everyone who participated. It's been one of the best weeks ever for the SCS!

phalen180: You can say that again! For a recap of the other prizes and more info on the contest, read the initial article. Thanks again to the members who provided prizes for the contest: lawdewd for the two banks, Griffsta from Warped Evolution for his prize packages and Rick from New Force Comics for the $100 gift certificate. We'll see everyone again next year!

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