WoS: Maximize Your Phrases

By following the chart below, you can maximize the number of phrases your World of Springfield environments speak:

Living Room37%15
Marge Simpson512%
Helen Lovejoy512%
Power Plant39%19
Radioactive Homer1020%
Springfield Elementary29%10
Principal Skinner411%
Otto Mann39%
Groundskeeper Willie39%
Chief Wiggum37%
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon615%
Ralph Wiggum25%
Treehouse of Horror I81%13
Dracula Burns425%
King Homer425%
GITD Radioactive Homer531%
Krusty-Lu Studios42%15
Lisa Simpson38%
Krusty the Klown719%
Sideshow Bob514%
Town Hall38%12
Sunday Best Bart412%
Mayor Quimby516%
Officer Marge39%
Comic Book Shop45%15
Nelson Muntz515%
Milhouse van Houten412%
Comic Book Guy618%
Homer Simpson516%
Pin Pal Apu516%
Dr. Hibbert26%
THOH 288%14
Ned Flanders319%
Carl Carlson956%
Bart Simpson1030%
Mascot Homer824%
Professor Frink1026%
Reverend Lovejoy25%
Jimbo Jones411%
Lunar Base100%7
Radioactive Man457%
Milhouse as Fallout Boy343%
Family Christmas65%13
Christmas Marge420%
Christmas Bart420%
Christmas Maggie (on SLH)525%
Krusty Burger23%8
Pimply-faced Teen411%
Troy McClure26%
Simpsons Kitchen38%13
Hans Moleman26%
Muumuu Homer926%
Herb Powell26%
Springfield DMV32%10
Patty Bouvier516%
Fat Tony26%
Selma Bouvier310%
School Cafeteria37%13
Ms. Krabappel39%
Superintendent Chalmers39%
Lunchlady Doris720%
Mobile Home100%8
Colonel Homer338%
Lurleen Lumpkin562%
High School Prom100%9
High School Homer556%
High School Marge444%
Police Station31%11
Springfield Retirement Castle41%13
Grampa Simpson516%
Brad Goodman26%
THOH 375%9
Witch Marge325%
Dream Invader Willie325%
Bowling Alley100%8
Bowling Marge338%
Main Street16%18
Barney Gumble44%
Moe Szyslak44%
Captain McCallister33%
Alien Ship Homer22%
Lionel Hutz22%
Crazy Old Man33%
Burns Manor43%13
Kent Brockman27%
Stonecutter Homer930%
Doctor's Office39%12
Pajama Burns26%
Hank Scorpio826%
Llewellyn Sinclair26%
KBBL Radio Station100%6
Family New Year77%10
New Year's Homer431%
New Year's Marge323%
New Year's Bart323%
Kirk van Houten26%
Plow King Barney310%
Be Sharp Homer413%
Moe's Tavern21%6
Rainier Wolfcastle13%
Judge Snyder13%
Bart's Treehouse21%6
Don Vittorio27%
Luann van Houten27%
Number One27%
Military Antiques34%10
Mr. Largo27%
Princess Kashmir310%
Total Phrases:385

Priority is given to using as few variant figures as possible, thus on some sets in which it would be possible to place a Homer or Bart figure for more phrases, this will not be done. Percentages are percent of unique phrases for each environment.

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