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World of Springfield Figures

figures with packaging style 'Carded'

Figure Name order by name, ascendingorder by name, descending Release order by release, ascendingorder by release, descending Phrases order by phrases, ascendingorder by phrases, descending Compatibility order by compatibility, ascendingorder by compatibility, descending
Agnes SkinnerSeries 160*/39
Artie ZiffSeries 160*/39
Barney GumbleSeries 21410/39
Bart SimpsonSeries 16725/39
BartmanSeries 56225/39
Bleeding Gums MurphySeries 643/39
Blue Haired LawyerSeries 1121/39
Brad GoodmanCelebrity Series 243/39
BrandineSeries 150*/39
BumbleBee ManSeries 522/39
Busted KrustySeries 92815/39
Captain McCallisterSeries 542/39
Carl CarlsonSeries 6146/39
Casual HomerSeries 48629/39
CBG (RR)Series 1573/39
Chief WiggumSeries 22012/39
CletusSeries 754/39
Daredevil BartSeries 86225/39
DatabaseSeries 1211/39
Deep Space HomerSeries 15123/39
Devil HomerSeries 160*/39
Disco StuSeries 953/39
DolphSeries 766/39
Don VittorioSeries 1253/39
DougSeries 160*/39
Dr. HibbertSeries 686/39
Dr. Marvin MonroeSeries 1032/39
Fat TonyCelebrity Series 176/39
Freddy QuimbySeries 1332/39
GilSeries 1131/39
Grampa SimpsonSeries 13117/39
Groundskeeper WillieSeries 4148/39
Handsome MoeSeries 1521/39
Hank ScorpioSeries 1022/39
Hans MolemanSeries 796/39
Helen LovejoySeries 1362/39
Herb PowellCelebrity Series 164/39
Homer SimpsonSeries 19029/39
Kamp Krusty BartSeries 36525/39
KearneySeries 846/39
Kent BrockmanSeries 597/39
Kilted WillieSeries 140*/39
Kirk van HoutenSeries 1122/39
Krusty the KlownSeries 12815/39
Larry BurnsSeries 1133/39
LegsSeries 1373/39
LennySeries 4135/39
Lionel HutzCelebrity Series 2106/39
Lisa SimpsonSeries 13221/39
LouSeries 786/39
LouieSeries 1411/39
Luann van HoutenSeries 1221/39
LuigiSeries 1411/39
ManjulaSeries 150*/39
Martin PrinceSeries 598/39
Mascot HomerSeries 68629/39
Milhouse van HoutenSeries 32615/39
Miss BotzSeries 1411/39
Miss HooverSeries 1421/39
Moe SzyslakSeries 31711/39
Moe Szyslak (RR)Re-Releases, Series 11711/39
Mr. BurnsSeries 13715/39
Mr. Burns (RR)Re-Releases, Series 13715/39
Mr. LargoSeries 1221/39
Mr. Plow HomerSeries 128629/39
Ms. KrabappelSeries 776/39
Ned FlandersSeries 21710/39
Nelson MuntzSeries 31313/39
Number OneSeries 1221/39
Officer MargeSeries 74423/39
Otto MannSeries 3139/39
Patty BouvierSeries 4105/39
Pin Pal HomerSeries 28829/39
Plow King BarneySeries 111410/39
Princess KashmirSeries 1393/39
Prison BobSeries 9115/39
Professor FrinkSeries 633/39
Ragin' WillieSeries 8148/39
Rainier WolfcastleSeries 1142/39
Ralph WiggumSeries 4118/39
Resort SmithersSeries 10169/39
Sarcastic ManSeries 1411/39
Scout Leader FlandersSeries 101710/39
Sideshow MelSeries 565/39
SmithersSeries 2169/39
SnakeSeries 697/39
Squishee Bender BartSeries 160*/39
Stephen HawkingSeries 1332/39
Stonecutter HomerSeries 108629/39
Sunday Best BartSeries 26225/39
Sunday Best GrampaSeries 93117/39
Sunday Best HomerSeries 38829/39
Sunday Best LisaSeries 93221/39
Superintendent ChalmersSeries 842/39
Troy McClureCelebrity Series 154/39
Tuxedo KrustySeries 132815/39
UterSeries 843/39
WendellSeries 1033/39
Total Figures:98

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