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Jimbo Jones

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Name:  Jimbo Jones (Jimbo)
Release Info:  Asst B rel. 10/2001
Item Code:  F0057
Description:  Skinny neighborhood bully, often seen loitering at the Kwik-E-Mart. Jimbo Jones wears jeans, a Punisher / skull t-shirt and a beanie-cap.
Voiced By:  Pamela Hayden, Russi Taylor or Tress MacNeille
Articulation:  4 points - neck, left shoulder, right shoulder, waist
Accessories:game cartridge
 ice cream sandwich
 video camera (2)
Unique Phrases:  10
Compatibility Ratio:  3 / 39 environments
Packaging:  Boxed (playset)
Height & Weight:  4.6" [11.68 cm], 1.1 oz. [31.19 g]
Resistor Values:  12k & 47k

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 Comic Book Shop, the Android's Dungeon all pegs

"He's a sissy! Let's rush 'im!" [Homer vs. Patty & Selma]

"Videotaping this crime spree is the best idea we ever had." [This Little Wiggy]

 Arcade, Noiseland Arcade all pegs

"Dr. Tongue has arrived!" [New Kid on the Block]

"He's a sissy! Let's rush 'im!" [Homer vs. Patty & Selma]

"He's graceful, yet masculine." [Homer vs. Patty & Selma]

"Hey baby, my shirt's chafin' me. Mind if I take it off?" [New Kid on the Block]

"Hey, where's your diaper, baby?" [Treehouse of Horror IV]

"I don't believe it, now my pants are chafin' me." [New Kid on the Block]

"Looks like you took a pretty bad spill." [Homer vs. Patty & Selma]

"Who's the dork?" [New Kid on the Block]

 Main Street all pegs

"He's a sissy! Let's rush 'im!" [Homer vs. Patty & Selma]

Total Phrases (incl. duplicates): 11

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