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Chief Wiggum, Clancy Wiggum

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Name:  Chief Wiggum, Clancy Wiggum (Wiggum)
Release Info:  Series 2 rel. 8/2000
Item Code:  F0013
Description:  Bumbling police chief, father of Ralph Wiggum.
Voiced By:  Hank Azaria
Articulation:  4 points - neck, left shoulder, right shoulder, waist
Accessories:billy club
 cup of coffee
 sprinkled donut
Unique Phrases:  20
Compatibility Ratio:  12 / 39 environments
Packaging:  Carded
Height & Weight:  5.04" [12.8 cm], 4.7 oz. [133.24 g]
Resistor Values:  8.2k & 56k
Asst. No:  99100
Stock No:  99116
UPC:  0 43377 99116 8

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Price Guide Values (as of 12/11/2003)

MSRPLow BookHigh BookValue Trend

 Living Room all pegs

"Listen up, punks!" [Wild Barts Can't Be Broken]

 Power Plant, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant all pegs

"Alright, what's goin' on here?" [Homer to the Max]
[Also: "What's goin' on here? / Alright"]

"That's nice work, boys." [Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song]

 Kwik-E-Mart all pegs

"Crime doesn't take a vacation!" [Make Room for Lisa]

"Freeze, hairball!" [Treehouse of Horror IX]

"Well, well, looks who's here; Mr. No-Bribe!" [Bart Carny]

 Town Hall all pegs

"Alright, smart guy; where's the fire?" [Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder]

"Run along, Quimby; I think they're dedicating a phone booth, somewhere." [Marge vs. the Monorail]
[Also: "Run along, Quimby."]

 Comic Book Shop, the Android's Dungeon all pegs

"Here, here, have some riot gear; it's on the house." [This Little Wiggy]

"Ok, Ok. I believe you're innocent." [Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)]

 Bowl-a-Rama, Barney's all pegs

"Aah. We forfeit." [Team Homer]

"Hyah. That's what they all say." [Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)]

 Krusty Burger all pegs

"And two orders of bite-size breakfast pancakes." [Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)]

 Springfield DMV all pegs

"The state's not paying you five cents an hour to stand around." [Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming]

 Police Station all pegs

"Aww, we're outta coffee!" [Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)]

"Here, have some riot gear. It's on the house." [This Little Wiggy]

"Hey, where is Sideshow Bob and that guy who, uh, eats people and takes their faces?" [Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming]

 Main Street Lard Lad Donuts

"Donuts! I got donuts!" [22 Short Films About Springfield]

all other pegs

"Here, have some riot gear; it's on the house." [This Little Wiggy]

 Courtroom all pegs

"Hey, where is Sideshow Bob and that guy who, uh, eats people and takes their faces?" [Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming]

 Moe's Tavern all pegs

"All our Founding Fathers, astronauts and World Series heroes have been either drunk or on the cocaine." [Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment]

Total Phrases (incl. duplicates): 23

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