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Smithers, Waylon Smithers

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Name:  Smithers, Waylon Smithers (Smithers)
Release Info:  Series 2 rel. 8/2000
Item Code:  F0010
Description:  Burns' faithful and devoted manservant. Republicans may disagree with his choice of lifestyle, but Malibu Stacy doesn't.
Voiced By:  Harry Shearer
Articulation:  4 points - neck, left shoulder, right shoulder, waist
Accessories:clipboard (Smithers)
 framed photo (Burns)
Unique Phrases:  16
Compatibility Ratio:  9 / 39 environments
Packaging:  Carded
Height & Weight:  4.85" [12.32 cm], 2.7 oz. [76.55 g]
Resistor Values:  8.2k & 10k
Asst. No:  99100
Stock No:  99105
UPC:  0 43377 99105 2

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Price Guide Values (as of 12/11/2003)

MSRPLow BookHigh BookValue Trend

 Living Room all pegs

"Homer Simpson, report for much worse duty." [Rosebud]

 Power Plant, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant all pegs

"Here you go, sir, I've warmed up the crowd for you." [Homer the Smithers]
[Also: "Here you go, sir."]

"Oh, I can't even grovel properly, I'm a buffoon!" [Homer the Smithers]

"Probably one of your ether-induced hallucinations, sir." [Team Homer]

"Sir, we've found the problem. Some idiot threw this in the reactor core." [Simpson Tide]

"Uh, sir, that's Homer Simpson. He's been working here for ten years." [Simpson Tide]
[Also: "Uh, sir, that's Homer Simpson."]

 Springfield Retirement Castle all pegs

"Attention, everyone! Let's have an awed hush please - for Mr. Burns." [Deep Space Homer]

 Main Street all pegs

"Oh, I can't even grovel properly, I'm a buffoon!" [Homer the Smithers]

 Burns Manor all pegs

"Good morning, sir!" [Homer the Smithers]

"I've got Bobo, hot from the dryer." [Homer the Smithers]

"Something tells me Mr. Burns needs me!" [Homer the Smithers]

"To make up for my failure last night, I alphabetized your breakfast." [Homer the Smithers]

 Doctor's Office all pegs

"I'm allergic to bee stings. They cause me to, uh, die." [22 Short Films About Springfield]

 Courtroom all pegs

"Mr. Burns can't stand talking to his mother." [Homer the Smithers]

 Moe's Tavern all pegs

"Here you go, sir, I've warmed up the crowd for you." [Homer the Smithers]

 Nuclear Power Plant Lunch Room all pegs

"Big smile, everybody's happy…"

"I rounded up our less gifted employees and led them into the basement." [Homer Goes to College]

"You've been reading my wish book, sir." [Marge Gets a Job]

Total Phrases (incl. duplicates): 20

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