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Original Simpsons

Name:  Original Simpsons
Release Info:  Exclusive, 2003 rel. 2003
Item Code:  E0037
Description:  Tracy Ullman-era figures and Living Room playset. Designed after the "punching bag" short. A TRU / Amazon online exclusive.
Comes with:  Original Homer
 Original Marge
 Original Bart
 Original Lisa
 Original Maggie
Default Sound:  Punching bag being hit
Unique Phrases:  19
Compatibility Ratio:  5 / 207 figures
Sensor Pegs:  3
Packaging:  Boxed (T.R.U. exclusive)
Walls:  Left wall 
Shape:  rectangular
Height:  6.85" [17.4 cm]
Width:  5.5" [13.97 cm]
Depth:  9" [22.86 cm]
Stock No:  43608
UPC:  0 43377 43608 9

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 Original Bart all pegs

"But we don't want to play friendly." [Punching Bag]

"But you're a mere girl!" [Punching Bag]

"Sorry, Dad." [Punching Bag]

 Original Homer all pegs

"Act like a lady!" [Punching Bag]

"Do you hear that? The punching bag!" [Punching Bag]

"Get out of the way. Step aside, boy." [Punching Bag]

"Go tell 'em to knock it off!" [Punching Bag]

"I can't sleep with that racket!" [Punching Bag]

"I said do it, now move it!" [Punching Bag]

"Let go, Lisa. D'oh!" [Punching Bag]

"Why you little!" [Punching Bag]

 Original Lisa all pegs

"C'mon, Bart, you can punch better than that! Let me try!" [Punching Bag]

"We wanna play rough!" [Punching Bag]

"Yeesh, what a grouch." [Punching Bag]

"Your problem is you're not motivated." [Punching Bag]

 Original Maggie all pegs

"*suck suck* (pacifier noise)" [Punching Bag]

 Original Marge all pegs

"I like the punching bag sound. You go tell 'em if you don't like it." [Punching Bag]

"Now play friendly, children!" [Punching Bag]

"They're just playing, Homer." [Punching Bag]

Total Phrases (incl. duplicates): 19

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