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THOH 2, Alien Ship

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Name:  THOH 2, Alien Ship
Release Info:  Exclusive, 2001 rel. 2001
Item Code:  E0010
Description:  Alien spaceship interior with command console and two ping ridged "wings". No "walls", per se.
Comes with:  Kang
 Alien Ship Homer
Default Sound:  Sci-fi sound effect
Unique Phrases:  16
Compatibility Ratio:  18 / 207 figures
Sensor Pegs:  3
Packaging:  Boxed (T.R.U. exclusive)
Shape:  trapezoid
Height:  7.15" [18.16 cm]
Width:  9" [22.86 cm]
Depth:  6" [15.24 cm]
Weight:  15.7 oz. [445.09 g]
Stock No:  199167
UPC:  0 43377 99167 0

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