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Mr. Burns, Charles Montgomery Burns

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Name:  Mr. Burns, Charles Montgomery Burns (Burns)
Other versions: Mr. Burns: Alternate Card
Release Info:  Series 1 rel. 1/2000
Item Code:  F0003
Description:  Greedy billionaire owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and Homer’s employer. His never-changing goal is to achieve more wealth and power, despite any adverse affects that it might have on the world.
Voiced By:  Harry Shearer
Articulation:  4 points - neck, left shoulder, right shoulder, waist
Accessories:Blinky in bowl
 double-stack of money
 stack of money
Unique Phrases:  37
Compatibility Ratio:  15 / 39 environments
Packaging:  Carded
Height & Weight:  4.46" [11.33 cm], 1.8 oz. [51.03 g]
Resistor Values:  8.2k & 8.2k
Asst. No:  99100
Stock No:  99111
UPC:  0 43377 99111 3

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Price Guide Values (as of 12/11/2003)

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 Living Room all pegs

"Hello, Simpson. My lawyers and I were in the neighborhood and thought we'd stop by." [Homer Goes to College]
[Also: "Hello, Simpson."]

 Power Plant, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant all pegs


"Hop to it, Smithers!" [Monty Can't Buy Me Love]

"I prefer the hands-on touch you only get with hired goons." [Last Exit to Springfield]

"Negotiations make strange bedfellows *chuckle*." [Last Exit to Springfield]

"No one will be spared! No one!" [Last Exit to Springfield]

"Simpson, eh?" [Team Homer]

"The watchdog of public safety, is there any lower form of life?" [Homer Goes to College]

 Springfield Elementary all pegs

"Pish-posh! It will be like taking candy from a baby!" [Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)]

 Town Hall all pegs

"We've heard enough of that bliv-blav and him-ham already, get to the bloody point!" [Lady Bouvier's Lover]

"You all talk big, but who here is going to stop me?" [Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)]

 Bowl-a-Rama, Barney's all pegs

"Look at that -- all the way to the end with only one push." [Team Homer]

"Simpson, eh? Let's shut down this bowling scam right now!" [Team Homer]

"Stop everything! I don't remember writing a check for bowling." [Team Homer]

"What do you people think I'm paying you for?" [Monty Can't Buy Me Love]

 Church, First Church of Springfield all pegs

"*sinister laugh*"

 Police Station all pegs

"I can't believe someone would kidnap my Larry!" [Burns, Baby Burns]

"Nobody steals from Montgomery Burn!" [Burns, Baby Burns]

 Springfield Retirement Castle all pegs

"We need some excitement around here!" [Mountain of Madness]

 Main Street all pegs

"Get to the bloody point!" [Lady Bouvier's Lover]

"What do you people think I'm paying you for?" [Monty Can't Buy Me Love]

 Burns Manor all pegs

"Bart Simpson will live here as my son, and I will mold him in my own graven image." [Burns' Heir]

"Do you realize if I had died, there would be no one to carry on my legacy?" [Burns' Heir]

"Donuts? I told you, I don't like ethnic food." [Homer the Smithers]

"Due to my hectic schedule and lethargic sperm, I never fathered an heir." [Burns' Heir]

"He's the perfect one to suckle at my proverbial teat." [Burns' Heir]

"I know you children see me as some sort of "booger man."" [Burns' Heir]

"I'm really not such a bad "dude."" [Burns' Heir]

"Look Smithers, a creature of pure malevolence." [Burns' Heir]

"When I pass on, you shall be buried alive with me." [Burns' Heir]

 Doctor's Office all pegs

"Everyone knows our mutants have flippers!" [Lisa the Skeptic]

"Oh, fiddle-faddle!" [Lisa the Skeptic]

 Courtroom all pegs

"Smithers, my plan worked perfectly." [Burns' Heir]

 Moe's Tavern all pegs

"Smithers, this 'beer' isn't working." [Homer the Smithers]

 Aztec Theatre all pegs

"*laugh* *choke* Oxygen, quickly!"

 Nuclear Power Plant Lunch Room all pegs

"Straighten up and fly right!"

"Tell no one of what transpired here." [Homer's Night Out]

"What's the meaning of this slacking off?" [22 Short Films About Springfield]

Total Phrases (incl. duplicates): 39

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