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World of Springfield

Released in USA by Playmates Toys

The Main Street playset received revived interest from retailers at Toy Fair 2002 and was picked up by Toys 'R Us as an exclusive environment. The TRU SKN for this item is: 545867. The expected retail price is $59.99 and the set will include a "Crazy Old Man" figure and a "Squeaky Voice Teen" ("Pimply Faced Teen" as seen in his Lard Lad donuts outfit) figure.

Main Street Paint Variations

Early versions of the Main Street playset did not have paint applications on the cup and chip bag on the edges of the base.

Smaller Version - Circa Jan 02

At one time, the version seen above was considered and did not include the corner and Jazz Hole facade. TRU decided against that version and what was released is nearly identical to the original design.

Toy Fair 2002 Prototype ToyFair 2002: corner
ToyFair 2002: Jazz Hole ToyFair 2002: Frying Dutchman ToyFair 2002: Moe's Tavern ToyFair 2002: Lard Lad Donuts ToyFair 2002: Main Street

The Main Street Interactive Environment was originally scheduled to be released concurrently with Series 6 figures. It included a sidewalk and storefront facades for Moe's Tavern, The Jazz Hole, The Frying Dutchman, and Lard Lad Donuts, as well as exclusive figures of Hans Moleman and Pimply Faced Teen. It was compatible with all existing World of Springfield figures and stored over 100 phrases. The suggested retail price was $44.99-$49.99. The complete prototype including packaging was displayed at Toy Fair in Spring, 2001.

At that time, Playmates cancelled the item due to lack of retailer interest. According to VP of Boys Toys Jeff Trojan, "Main Street didn't receive enough support from the large retailers to justify the tooling investment." They did have approval secured for the Moe's Tavern storefront, even though the interior environment was not approved. Hans Moleman was changed to a Series 7 figure and Pimply Faced Teen was changed to the pack-in for the Krusty Burger Interactive Environment scheduled concurrently with Series 7 figures.

Check out Action Figure Collecting at for complete coverage of Toy Fair 2001 including more pictures of Main Street and our Toy Fair 2002 coverage for more on the Toys 'R Us exclusive Main Street environment.

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