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September 2003 Simpsons Hit & Run

Released by Radical Entertainment

From the makers of The Simpsons Road Rage comes a Grand Theft Auto style game set in our favorite town, Springfield!† Itís going to be a mission based driving game and is slated to hit all 3 major consoles mid September.† Players will be able to explore Springfield inside and out in over 40 different vehicles and 17 different drivers.† Included with the game is a multiplayer driving challenge where up to four people can compete at a time.

From the press release:

"Strange things are happening in Springfield. People are missing, very mysterious crop circles are appearing, and hidden cameras are being exposed. When Homer notices a black van with a satellite dish parked outside the Simpsons home, he decides to investigate further into these odd events. What he reveals could be the biggest mystery to rock Springfield since 'Who Shot Mr. Burns?"'

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Hit and Run Screenshot

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