Merchandise Category - Fast Food Premiums:

Released by KFC

A four-piece sand-castle "puzzle" premium was released in 1998.... read more

Released in UK by Burger King

Released in UK Burger Kings as part of FOX's "Global Fanfest" campaign in 2000, this set of ten figures consisted of: Homer, Marge, Bartman, Lisa, Maggie, Krusty the Klown, Barney, Sideshow Bob, Mr. Burns, and Apu. The toys came with a special "Collector's Edition" Simpsons comic by the Bongo Comics group.

Released by Red Rooster Chicken

Red Rooster is a KFC-like restaurant chain in Australia. They released this 5 piece "couch set" in 2001.... read more

Released in UK by Burger King

Released in non-US Burger Kings in 2001, this 11-piece set consisted of: BBQ Chef Homer, Muumuu Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie (with cardboard 'bed'), Grampa Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Milhouse Van Houten, Otto, and TV w/ Snowball II. The set is often referred to as the 2001 BK UK figures as the UK is usually the first to receive the international BK promotions.

September 2001 Spooky Light-ups - link - discuss

Released by Burger King

Spooky Lightups are figures of 15 citizens of Springfield. Most are characters taken directly from the Simpsons Halloween Special episodes which are commonly known as the "Treehouse of Horror" series. Each figure has a button which activates a lightup feature and many have spin-action signs as well... read more

Released by Hungry Jack's

Hungry Jack's fast food chain, which is an Australian Burger King franchisee offered this set of beach-themed Simpsons figurines in late 2001 that fit into a 3D jigsaw puzzle for the start of the Australian summer... read more

Released by Burger King

Burger King is running another Simpsons figure promotion in the United Kingdom (and most likely other "international" locations) this summer, featuring the residents of Springfield in an all-out soccer match.

... read more

October 2002 Creepy Classics - link

Released by Burger King

On October 7th, Burger King released another series of Simpsons Halloween figures as part of their Kids Meal promotion. For 2002, it was "Creepy Classics". Each figure attaches to a base with a motion screen revealing a character-specific punch line.

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Released by Burger King

In November 2002, Burger King is doing another Simpsons promotion featuring talking watches, similar to the Rugrats watches they did a few years ago. The four watches are Homer, Bart, Simpsons family, and Krusty.... read more

Released in UK by KFC

Released in U.K. KFCs during the summer of 2003, these sports-themed toys included: Bowlin' Homer, Skateboard Bart, Tennis Marge, Ice Hockey Lisa, and Mini Putt Maggie. Each toy has an action feature related to their particular sport.

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