Latest Questions For PlayMates
Voting has ended on questions for April. The questions will be:

1) [142 votes] Question #2 - When can we expect to hear tentative line-ups for waves 15+? Are Playmates planning on releasing any variants of medium-obscure characters such as Frink next year? What is the likely variant:new character ratio for waves 15+?

2) [140 votes] Question #6 - What is the status of the 300th Episode set? Many collectors were very dissatisfied with the concept drawing that was shown at Toy Fair. Is the set going to cancelled or reworked in response to the criticisms? Also, why was a Skinner in his underwear figure set to be included in the set when that character never appeared like that in the episode?

3) [131 votes] Question #19 - Many collectors were very pleased with the Bart's Treehouse prototype, particularly since its look was very unique compared to the standard "L" shape of the regular series environments. Will we see more unique designs in future series (ie. a Town Square set)?

4) [126 votes] Question #11 - What are the basis for figure choices that aren't necessarily from the list of the fans most wanted figures? ( Vittorio, Freddy Quimby, Ms. Botz etc. ) There seems to be one 'unique' choice in each wave. Is this intentional? Are these figures Playmates internal choices based on planned themes, or strictly Fox imposed? Have any figures been submitted by Playmates to Fox that Fox did not approve you to produce? ( That is to say have they prohibited you from making a character you requested? )

5) [121 votes] Question #5 - Are there plans for a seasonal exclusive this year like the Christmas or New Years Eve sets? If not, then might be such a set be planned for the future?

6) [120 votes] Question #12 - Are you going to be able to maintain the one celebrity per wave standard? It seems that the licensing rights ( previous and upcoming ) may have been acquired only because of personal friendships/relationships with the particular celebs to the creators/writers of the show. Has the list run out? Without naming names, is the inability to acquire rights more often a money issue or a flat out denial from the celeb? Finally, are any more Phil Hartman characters (ie. Lyle Lanley) planned?

7) [118 votes] Question #17 - How many Stonecutter mailaways does Playmates plan on doing?

8) [101 votes] Question #13 - How many characters do you plan to re-release and will these re-releases be continually offered (ie. the same figures produced several times over the next few years). Or are you planning to produce a larger number of re-releases, smaller or the same as regular first time re-released figures?

9) [91 votes] Question #3 - There have been some recent complaints about the lack of lines key characters have on certain playsets. Has Playmates considered adding more lines and decreasing the figure-compatibility number? If each figure had five or six lines instead of one or two, it add to the fun of some of the sets.

10) [91 votes] Question #14 - What is Playmates' stance on WoS episodic-themed sets? It doesn't seem consistent. Have any episode-specific Simpson products sold well? It would be great for us collectors who want all the Stonecutters, Pin Pals, pajama Simpsons, Kamp Krusty kids, etc. at once. But unless its a two-pack (Radioactive, High School) or holiday themed, Playmates has spread them out over waves or mail-aways. It seems encouraging though to see the new Halloween set finally represent one episode.

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