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1) Which three of the following themes would you prefer?

Episode: Homer's Enemy
Playset: SNPP Breakroom
Figures: Grimes, Charlie, Joey Lowblow, Dave Shutton, Adil Hoxha, Smilin' Joe Fission, Dr. Wolfe, Guillermo, Gummy Joe, Jack Marley, Crusher
Guests: Mindy, Karl, Aristotle Amadapolis

Possible Details: Soda & candy machines, table and coffee maker on small wall with bulletin board containing various flyers (Safety chart, power plant model contest, softball sign-up). Pipe running along top with radioactive material dripping.
Possible Accessories: Hardhats, Stewart & wagon, Burns' 2-headed Dog

(SNPP Breakroom)

Episode: The Homer They Fall
Playset: Boxing Ring Playset
Figures: Lucius Sweet, Drederick Tatum, Boxing Manager Moe, Casual Brockman, Arnie Pie include black, warm-up robe with nickname "Mr. Armageddon"

(Boxing Ring)

Episode: Marge vs the Monorail
Playset: Monorail Playset
Figures: Lyle Lanley, Conductor Homer, Leonard Nimoy


Episode: Mayored to the Mob
Playset: Legitimate Businessman's Social Club
Figures: Louie, Bodyguard Homer, Johnny Tightlips, Frankie the Squeeler, Mark Hamill


Episode: Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show or The Day the Violence Died
Playset: I&S Studios Playset
Figures: Roger Myers Jr., Poochie, Roy, Chester J. Lampwick

(Itchy & Scratchy Studios)

Episode: Telltale Head
Playset: Springfield Town Square
Figures: Jebediah, Ninja Bart, Sanjay, Arnie Pie, Larry & Sam, Brandine, Very Tall Man

Possible Details: grass and concrete paths, Jebediah Springfield statue with removable head. Gazebo in sticker.

(Town Square)

Episode: The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons, Wedding Apu, I’m With Cupid, Eight Misbehavin'
Playset: Wedding scene
Figures: Manjula, Ganesh Homer, Octuplets, Nipple Suit Apu

(Wedding Set)

Episode: $pringfield or Viva Ned Flanders
Playset: Burns' Casino
Figures: Blackjack Dealer Homer, Casino Burns, Rich Texan, Gunter & Ernst with Anastasia (White Tiger), Ginger & Amber, Arthur Crandall & Gabbo, Lance Murdock with stuntcycle

Possible Accessories: Ice-sculpted Burns, token cups

(Burns Casino)

Episode: N/A
Playset: School Playground
Figures: Janey, Richard and Lewis, Ham and/or Cosine and/or Report Card, Sergeant Skinner, Leopold, Armin Tamzarian, Agnes Skinner

(School Playground)

Episode: Bart After Dark
Playset: Maison Derriere
Figures: Homer wearing only paper bag instead of pants, Belle, Burlesque Dancer, Maude Flanders, Mrs. Quimby, Casual Hibbert

(Maison Derriere)
Total answers (this question): 1485

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