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Simpsons Bendables Hitting Stores Soon

The first series of the Simpsons Family bendable set should be in stores in a few weeks and we have info on this first set and exclusive info on upcoming releases. The SCS Tzar of Simpsacrap, GuinnessGulper, has spoken with the man designing this line and has shared the following with us:

The release has been delayed by the port strikes. The first shipment is going out next week, expect to see them in stores in about 2-3 weeks. The following national chains will be the only ones carrying them at first, no big toy stores or anything. They will also be available online at various retailers and in various other regional stores.
- Spencer Gifts
- Musicland
- Urban Outfitters
- What on Earth catalog
- BMG direct

The first set is the basic family, as seen in the sketches. They will be limited edition, but not numbered or set edition size or anything. These box sets will include a bonus animal, in this one it's Santa's Little Helper. Future releases of these figures, years down the road, will not include the bonuses.

Every 6 months or so will be another set.

The second set will be the nuclear power plant, with Homer in his helmet/uniform, Burns, Smithers, Lenny, Carl, and the bonus animal is Blinky.

The third set sounds AWESOME. It's going to be a Halloween set, released around this time next year. It will feature the family as Zombies, and they are working on making them glow in the dark if possible (the first run came out too clear and you can see the stuff inside). The bonus animal will be Snowball I with a tire tread through her.

The fourth set will be the Krusty show, with Krusty, SS Mel, SS Bob, Bart as a waiter, and Corp. Punishment. The bonus animal will be Mr. Teeny (maybe with Cigar if Fox okays it).

Each set will have at least one main character, Bart or Homer, in it. I hope they can be popular enough to at least get the Halloween set on the market as I would love to get that. So let's try to help them out when they hit in November SRP is 19.99 for the boxed set. For 5 bendable figures plus a bonus animal in a nice display box, that seems pretty reasonable, do you agree? Let me know what you think. The guy would be interested in our feedback and might want to conduct some polls or something down the road, so lemme know how you like them.

One place you can order these is at JGP Toys.

Look up more information by keyword: Bart, bendies, Homer, Lisa, Maggie, Marge, Santas Little Helper

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