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Pewter Chess Set Arrives at Sunway Co

Mark Tarses from Sunway Co. sent out the following update today, including news on the Simpsons Pewter Chess Set:

"SIMPSONS PEWTER CHESS SET. The long-awaited Simpsons pewter chess set from England has finally arrived! The case is made of black enameled solid wood with pewter figures around the outside, featuring different characters from The Simpsons on each side. The top is a black and white chess board, and fits into the base. Inside are the chess pieces in a fitted foam insert, each one hand-made of pewter. Each piece is wonderfully detailed. All hand-made in England. $599.95. Find it under Simpsons Pewter, or

We also recently received:

SIMPSONS MAGIC 8 BALL. Turn over the Simpons Magic 8 Ball for answers to all your questions. "Well, Duh." "Woo-Hoo!" "D'OH!" "Boring." "Go For It, Man" etc. Full size Magic 8 Ball, 4" diameter. $9.95 (A little cheaper than the pewter chess set.) Find it under Simpsons Toys, or

Coming in next few weeks:

Simpsons Hooded Sweat Shirts.

Simpsons Pewter Homerisms. We had these before, but they will be cheaper this time around.

Simpsons Work Shirts. Including Krusty Burger Employee Works Shirt and Duff Deliveryman Work Shirt.

Another Web Site Worth Checking Out:

The American Library Association (ALA). We have no connection with the ALA, but they have some good stuff for sale at very reasonable prices for Simpsons collectors.

Simpsons Library Association Poster. This poster is a great item! Every Simpsons collector should own one, and is available exclusively from the ALA. It has never been offered for sale in stores. The poster is 22 inches high by 31 inches long. It is printed on quality poster paper and lithographed in full color. The poster shows all 5 Simpsons at the couch reading different books and magazines, along with Grandpa, Santa's Little Helper (the dog), and Snowball II (the cat.)

You can buy this poster directly from the American Library Association (ALA) for $10.00, a very reasonable price for a scarce poster of this quality.

The ALA also sells Simpsons bookmarks in a package of 100 for $7.00, or only 7 cents each! Where can you buy a licensed Simpsons products for 7 cents?! (I don't have anything for sale for 7 cents!)

If you want this poster or these bookmarks, order them at the ALA web site at:

Mark Tarses"

Look up more information by keyword: chess, games, pewter, shipping, Sunway Co

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