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WOTC Plays Their Cards Right

In a press release today, game maker Wizards Of The Coast (WOTC) announced their plans for "The Simpsons Trading Card Game". Beginning in late 2002 WOTC will release four "Theme Decks" at a suggested price of $7.99, each consisting of 40 cards. Collectors will also be able to purchase smaller "Booster Decks" for around $2.99, each with 11 additional cards. There will be a total of 156 different cards used in the game, each based on popular characters and quotes. As with the many other collectible card games released by WOTC (Star Wars, Magic the Gathering), half the fun of these Simpsons collectibles involves playing a challenging card game. Up until now the only thing available to Simpsons fans desiring a collectible card game was a German text version. That game was not available in the United States, only in Germany and other parts of Europe.

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