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Reports are in from SCS members in Australia that Series One WOS Figures have been showing up at select stores down under. Date stamp samples taken from card-backs show that these figures are recently manufactured and not older overstock. Members report finding mainly Bart, Krusty, Homer and Lisa at both K-Mart and EB. Which exact figures and/or playsets and the extent of this re-issue has yet to be confirmed. Overseas distributor Irwin Toys covers WOS distribution for Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Singapore. The re-release of figures by Irwin in those countries does not necesarily mean they will be re-released in the United States. Playmates Toys and the SCS are currently conducting research to determine whether or not collectors think re-issuing the earlier figures is a good idea. Playmates wants your opinion, so make sure you voice it by taking part in our poll.

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