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Update: New responses from Playmates on the update added.

Playmates Toys recently updated their site with the new line-up for 2002.

Possibly the most interesting change is the addition of Jim Varney as Cooder for the 3rd Celebrity Series. The Squeaky Voiced Teen will join the Crazy Old Man in the Mainstreet set, and the Family New Year's set is still slated. Also, the TRU exclusive Treehouse of Horror III set will include the Ironic punishment base, and include Dream Invader Willie, Hugo, Witch Marge, and Donut Head Homer.

SCS Playmates liaison Michael Crawford MWC emailed Playmates to get some clarification on some of the changes and here is what he learned:

"Times Square - it's dead in the water. The mods here had actually heard that news unofficially some time ago, and have been hinting that it was true for awhile. The reason is exactly what you would expect, and the same as the reason you couldn't see a PFT wearing a TRU smock - Fox didn't want anything not true to the show. They can't tell us what the New Year's Eve set might be yet though, because they don't have final approvals from Fox yet on the alternative idea.

The 'squeeky voiced teen' in the Main Street set is the PFT as seen in his Lard Lad donuts outfit.

Agnes - there was a voicing issue with the actress. They are still working on it and hope to resolve it and bring her out in a future wave.

And yes - as expected by those that were at Toy Fair, the Ironic Punishment environment is Hell."

Please visit the Playmates Toys site for more information, or reference our freshly-update Release Guide.

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