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Sunway Co sent out an email update about new products today. Highlights from the email include the new Ralph with Leprechaun tshirt, Milhouse Wedgie tshirt and the arrival of Simpsons soap-on-a-rope. Full announcement:

Well, it's been a long time since we received any new Simpsons products worth sending an e mail about, but we got a good one today, Simpsons soap.

SIMPSONS SOAP ON A ROPE. Full-figure Homer and Krusty soap on a rope. Each soap is packaged in a retro-style box (sort of Art Deco) with a window. Each soap figure is pretty big, about 7" tall. These soaps are both excellent collectibles and make great gifts for Simpsons fans! Price is $9.95 each, a lot for a bar of soap, but nicely boxed soap-on-a-rope is never cheap. We also have Simpsons bar soap on order from the manufacturer, but it hasn't arrived yet. We will send another e mail when it comes. See the soaps at:

SIMPSON PLUS SIZE T SHIRTS. We have a growing number of T shirts in size 2X and also 3X. Simpsons T shirts in these sizes are very hard to find on the web and almost impossible to find in stores. find them under Clothes.

NEW SIMPSONS T SHIRT STYLES. We have several new T shirt styles. The 2 most interesting are Ralph Wiggum with the evil leprechaun on his shoulder who tells him to burn things, plus there is Milhouse Wedgie. Find them under Clothes.

SIMPSONS CHECKS. We don't sell them, but we highly recommend them! Simpsons checks and matching checkbook covers are available at You get 4 boxes of imprinted checks for around $40.00. Type in Code JL35 when you are ordering, if this is your first order with them, and get the 4th box of Simpsons checks free!

COMING SOON: Simpsons pewter bartools, pewter chess sets, Simpsons Magic 8 Balls, PinPals bowling shirts, Kwik-E-Mart employee button-down shirts, and new designs of Simpsons iron-on patches.

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