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Member JeffBagwellRules took these pictures showing why the Kitchen is one of the most detailed playsets yet. Both the refrigerator and freezer door actually open, revealing extra detail inside via a sticker with various food items on it, like a dead Blinky, a milk carton with a missing child picture of Milhouse on it, and baking soda that expired in 1962. The phone on the wall also detaches from the receiver. Jeff also sent us all of Homer's "Try Me" quotes:

"Boy, seeing that stomach surgery made me hungry."
"Hear, ye, hear, ye! What's for breakfast?"
"Ohh, you like sweets, kids?"
"Wait a minute...wait a minute...where's my gummi De Milo?"
"I want a grinder, a sub, a foot-long hero!"
"Could you kindly pass me a donut?"
"Mmm, open-faced club sandwich."
"Ohh, bacon."
"Go away...eating."

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