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uEBay seller fordfairlane420 offers a complete set of World of Springfield, plus extra exclusives for the richly-inflated "Buy It Now" price of $6,799. The current high bid is over $2500. Even by eBay standards, this is pricy. Original retail before tax for the pieces offered is about $570. UPDATE: EBay has shut down the auction!

Many people commented that this price was far over other recent selling prices for a complete set by about $1,000 even with the extras. Although World of Springfield releases have climbed in value, they haven't reached this point yet. We did some investigating that revealed further cause for suspicion and sent these observations to eBay SafeHarbor to have them look into this further:

The seller fordfairlane420 runs a store called Keith's Toy Shop. His auctions are sold out of Albany, NY.

The high bidder satellitekeith is also named Keith and his auctions are also sold out of Albany, NY.

They have left feedback for each other on past transactions. Fordfairlane420 has left satellitekeith feedback as both a seller and a buyer, even though both have only been around long enough to accumulate about 50 feedback each.

They have sold similar items with similar terms (3 days only) that were posted at almost the exact same time but in succession (e.g. one listed a bunch of items, then shortly later the other started listing a bunch of similar items while the other had no activity). Check their seller history as well as these items: #1621563075 and #1621577526.

Both users bid on very similar auctions and sell similar items. Both of them bid on and have won multiple copies of the same items, something someone who runs a store would probably do.

Fordfairlane420 is also using misleading pictures in this auction. He lists all the figures that he is including in the lot in the auction text, but he has thrown multiple copies of figures in the group pictures that make it look like you are getting more than you are.

UPDATE: Apparently, eBay investigators have confirmed these suspicions. The auction has been erased from eBay's records, and fordfairlane420 is no longer a registered user. If only Springfield's police department were as efficient.

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