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Series 10 Shortpack Info Revealed

Our Playmates liaison, Michael Crawford, got info on how the addition of Hank Scorpio in the Series 10 mix would affect case breakdowns. He says there isn't one figure left out of some of the cases. They are working between the Scorpio, Resort Smithers and Scout Leader Flanders figures, mixing it up to try to get the most of all of them out in the best manner. Playmates will go back to even-packed cases after this series. He adds that Scorpio will be on an All Star Voices cardback, but with no wave number on the edge of any kind. This series and its playsets should be hitting stores any day now.

Final note:
Don't forget that the deadline for the Celebrity Mail-Away Offer is October 31st.

Look up more information by keyword: Asst. F, Hank Scorpio, Resort Smithers, Scout Leader Flander, Series 10, shortpack

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