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UPDATE (11/20): Looks like we were wrong! The other figures mentioned for rerelease are coming out; it appears Playmates is breaking up the rereleases in sets. SCS member i86time reports finding Smithers, Milhouse and Wiggum (in cases labeled 'Series 3'). The SKU for these is the same as the others. Keep checking your TRUs as these slowly trickle in.

The World of Springfield releases that we reported on last week are still slowly shipping to TRU stores around the country. We have started a sightings thread on our forums in addition to the discussion thread. The SKN is 421904 for these. Since these are marked for clearance, many stores might not stock these right away, so you can give that SKU to a store manager to see if they do have them in the back. Only six figures have been found. These are Homer, Bart, Mr. Burns, Barney, Krusty the Klown, and Flanders. Other figures were discussed when these were first announced, but the rerelease plans may have been scaled back. Thanks to all the SCS members who helped gather info for this update. These are the last WoS releases in the line.

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