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Testify With The Simpsons... Today!

The third CD of music from 'The Simpsons' TV series is out today... it's entitled "The Simpsons: Testify", now on the Shout Factory label. It features music from some of the recent seasons, including Weird Al's "Homer & Marge" and more! There are 41 tracks in total. In addition to retail stores, the album is also available on iTunes for online customers. Two previous CDs-- 1997's "Songs In The Key Of Springfield" and 1999's "Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons" -- have already been released.

Thanks to all who participated in our latest fund-drive efforts... your donations help keep this community up and running. The winner of the contest is Eli Vigil. A runner-up prize will go to Scott Dunsmore. Winners were selected randomly from the list of donors. To the two winners, email us (if we haven't already contacted you directly) with your shipping address where you want your package sent. Mmmm, free toys.

UPDATE (9/20): EA has sent us new screenshots, which we have added to our SCS magazine article.

Electronic Arts has sent us some exclusive screenshots from their upcoming Simpsons videogame, which we have posted in the SCS magazine. This game is due out this Fall. One SCS member said a store told him a release date of October 31, though we don't have official confirmation on that.

The Island of Dr. Crawford

FOX couldn't get Playmates Toys to go along with its odd Manimals obsession, but the weird characters were right up McFarlane's alley. And thus a playset based on the THOH 'Island of Dr. Hibbert' short has finally been released. Michael Crawford visits the island for an evaluation on his Review of the Week website. Overall, the final product seems to be better than people may have expected... decent sculpts and paint-job, if not action figures in the strictest sense. If the review's not on the front page, check out his archives for the review (dated 9/7/07).

EA Studio Showcase - SCS Report

Electronic Arts held a Studio Showcase at their Redwood Studios in CA earlier this week, and SCS staffer blueduck37 attended. One of the many games EA is rolling out this Fall is The Simpsons Game. The EA game is set up as a unique, interactive Simpsons experience... like getting to play 16 new Simpsons episodes. It will be available later this Fall on XBox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PS portable, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS. A detailed review of the event and game (featuring images and video) is now up in the SCS Magazine.

SCS member thebenjaminsroc points out that McFarlane Toys has posted official prototype images of the Series 2 figures on their website. This series includes: Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy, Homer and Krusty from 'Homie The Clown', Good and Evil Homer, and Bart as the Raven from the first THOH special. He also informs us that White Wizard Toys in Chicago has the Island of Dr. Hibbert (manimals) box set in stock online. So it appears that has finally been released.

UPDATE (9/7): It's confirmed that the Island of Dr. Hibbert set is hitting comic shops this week.

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