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SCS members MojoHelperMonkey and pigglymo inform us that the Town Square is in stock and shipping now from Those who had poor distribution in their area for the last two series should take advantage of this. EB will also be getting the set. There have been no brick and mortar store sightings as of yet, but they should pop up soon. Keep checking our Sightings forum for updates on that.

More Monopoly Fun!

Be warned, game board token completists: USAOpoly has apparently added two new tokens (a school bus and a donut) to the new edition of their Simpsons Monopoly game. The original version in 2001 only came with six tokens, though at the time there was a mail-away offer for four different ones. This brings the total up to 12 tokens. See this eBay auction for a look at the new ones. Thanks to member Flimpsons1 for the info.

Here's some interesting news, if only in the 'salt in the open wound' way. SCS member aka mr Articulate has uncovered some lines in the Town Square set for some cancelled figures. This is because the set began production before the cancellation of the Series 17 and Series 18 figures. The figures with lines on the set are Tux Kang and Kodos, Akira, Lindsay Neagle, Arnie Pie, Sanjay, Uncle Moe, and Cecil Terwilliger. You unlock these lines if you have a custom Vocaluxulator (see image) or a similar device. It is a shame these characters ended up in cancellation.

School's Back In Session For NJ Croce

An image has finally surfaced of the Springfield Elementary bendables set. This set will include Principal Skinner, Edna Krabappel, Milhouse van Houten, Ralph Wiggum, Bart, and a bonus figure of Lumpy, the school snake. This looks like another top-notch set from NJ Croce! No definite word on a release date, but we expect it should be before the end of the year. Also, the second THOH set in the series is expected to be out in a couple weeks. Thanks to YabbaDabba Doh and allenjob79 for the info.

A Noble Toy Line Embiggens The Smallest Collector

The day has come that we have been equally anticipating and dreading... the arrival of the last WoS product ever. The Town Square playset has begun arriving to New Force customers. It should hit other locations very soon. Stay tuned to our forums for updates on where this is hitting. Thanks to wallaceink for the heads up and also big thanks to Playmates for five years of outstanding Simpsons products.

The Simpsons Go Wild... On DVD!

Another Simpsons compilation DVD is in stores- "The Simpsons Gone Wild". This is a Region 1 release. This set contains the episodes "Homer's Night Out", "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday", "The Mansion Family" and "Homer the Moe". It also features a montage entitled 'Krusty the Clown: King of Comedy'. The cheapest price seems to be at Circuit City, followed by Target and Best Buy.

Potentially annoying news tonight on the Town Square front... Production issues may have cut back the numbers more than expected. Rick at New Force Comics posts this: It appears that Monday, we will receive our shipment of Simpson Town Hall playsets, but the customs cleared manafest I was faxed, is 16% less in case quantity, than we ordered and/or presold. I know Playmates had major production issues on this set, and it appears we will be short product. We might have to allocate orders greater than 1 set, in order to initially fill (or partially fill) all preorders. Stay Tuned, as we have contacted other vendors, trying to buy product to make up our shortage. This, coupled with it being the last set, will make this a much sought-after item. Don't pass it up when you see it in stores.

Simpsons Collecting Guide In New 'Lees Toy Review'

Collectors will want to pick up the new issue of Lee's Toy Review magazine (hitting comic shops and other stores now)- it contains a detailed guide and pictorial of high-profile Simpsons merchandise from 1990 to the present. Their website says it features "Series 1 to 16, reissues, foreign merchandise, celebrity series, playsets, dioramas, Faces of Springfield, vehicles, PVC sets, Blockos, plush dolls, exclusives" and much more! It also features the first-ever packaged pic of the Town Square set. We hope to have scans up in our forums soon. Thanks to SloppyJimbo for the info.

Eye On eBay: Save Another Blinky Bart

The Mattel Save Blinky Bart, the holiest of holy grails for Simpsons collectors, is up for auction on eBay again. Our webmaster phalen180 has sadly been forced to sell his off for financial reasons. Potentially more interesting is his other auction for a Blinky accessory prototype. We hope both find a good home with a loving collector!

UK Rereleases Hitting Shops Now

The UK WoS rereleases we first reported on last March are hitting shops soon, according to a new article on These figures are being rereleased exclusively in the UK on new cards. They are: Donuthead Homer, The Collector, and Stephen Hawking. This is good news for our friends across the pond.

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