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Gasp! You Removed It From Its Original Packaging!

The annual Treehouse of Horror playset has arrived in TRU stores! It carries a $39.99 price tag and is shipping now to stores all over. See our THOH 4 sightings thread for constant updates on local sightings.

Future Burns Prototype On ADC

The folks at the recently revamped American Dream Comics have posted the official prototype pic of the Future Burns set. This set is due out next month as a New Force Comics and Electronics Boutique shared exclusive. The colors on this set have certainly improved since the original prototype. Closeup images taken at the SDCC can be seen in our Release Guide.

UPDATE: Allocation chart updated on 10/03. More updates pending.

SCS member TRU Employee informs us that THOH 4 has begun to ship to TRU warehouses and should be in stores as early as next week. He also says that the Be-Sharps set will be in stores the first or second week of October. Keep in mind that the Flashback/Ullman set is an Amazon exclusive and will not be available in stores. TRU Employee reports the following Toys 'R' Us distribution center allotments for THOH 4 and the Be-Sharps set as of today:... read more

General Sherman Not Included

Rocket USA has two new items out this month: the tin Wind-Up Fishing Homer toy (complete with dangling Blinky) and a Boxing Homer Bop Bag. Both of these items are in stock now at JGP Toys, as are the new diecast cars. These toys should be in stores soon as well.

Wizards of the Coast Game Coming Soon

Wizards of the Coast has info and pics on their Simpsons collectible card game (CCG) up now on their official website, including rules and product info. This CCG will feature four separate "Theme Decks" each consisting of 40 cards (MSRP $7.99). There will also be supplemental "Booster Decks" sold, containing 11 cards each (MSRP $2.99). We were told at the San Diego Comic Con that this should be in stores around October.


A "Treehouse of Horror" DVD set, the first in what seems will become a series of themed compilation R1 releases from Fox, has hit stores. The set includes four episodes- THOHs V, VI, VII, and XII. The only bonus feature is a video montage of Kang and Kodo's finest moments. Best Buy and Target have it listed in their circulars with a $9.99 price tag.

Time Life Book of Magic and Spells, Vol.II

Member semaj nala helps you raise the dead (in snack form!) in our latest Magazine article. Mmmm.... zombie frozen treats....

MORE NEWS: First...23

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