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Extra! Extra! Be-Sharps Play On TRU Shelves!

The TRU Exclusive Be Sharps Environment has been sighted at a number of Toys 'R Us stores and carries a hefty $39.99 price tag.

The allocation chart is up-to-date as of this weekend. In the meantime, check your local TRU and our official sightings thread for regular updates.

It's official: Burger King is not doing another Simpsons promotion this year. In a follow-up to an earlier news item, we have been informed that BK's Halloween promotion will be Hamtaro figures. D'oh! Thanks to Brian Eckard for providing us with the link for this sad news.

Captain Toy Takes On The Collector

Simpsons collectors all over are clamoring for the new THOH set and Michael Crawford is only going to give them more reasons to. In tonight's review, he casts his fanboy eye on the Collector's Lair and I think it's fair to say he likes it. (If the review is not on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 9/19/03.)

Simpsons 'Hit and Run' Hits Store Shelves

The Simpsons Hit and Run videogame was released today and is being heralded as one of the best Simpsons games ever. This game is a Simpsons style take on games like the popular Grand Theft Auto series. One praise-filled review (with many screen shots) can be found on In addition to this, has three separate reviews for the Gamecube, XBox, and Playstation 2 versions of the game.

Wizards Of The Coast Game In Stores

The highly anticipated Simpsons collectible card game (CCG) has hit stores, after some delays. SCS member Ixnay on the Omarmay reports picking up the the four starter decks for the game at the Game Keeper store in the Yorktown Mall in Lombard, IL. The official site has info on game rules and product availability in your area.

Oh, But I'm So Sweet And Tasty!

It's a THOH flashback! With thanks again to Chris Lauria and Playmates Toys, we are bringing you a Playset Art Exclusive Look: Ironic Punishment Division, the ninth in our continuing series of features on the development of WoS playsets. Check out all of the installments in the SCS Magazine.

Celebrate Halloween With The Simpsons

Halloween is 51 days away, but there are already many great Simpsons items out. One is the Treehouse of Horror Fun-Filled Frightfest book, the third collection of Bongo THOH stories. It is available at book stores now. A little more unique are large Homer and Bart inflatable lawn decorations, which have shown up at Walmart stores. has an image of Homer. Finally, some very cool Simpsons costumes are now available in costume and hobby shops. You can find these at (search for "Simpsons"). Thanks to SCS members HauntedHal and napoleanXV and Simpsons Crazy respectively for the news.

We've had some inquiries into whether or not Burger King will be having another Simpsons Halloween promotion this year. To the best of our knowledge, there will not be any (the previous two years, we had known months in advance of the details). If you have any information on this or know what BK's October promotion will be, please contact us.

More Fun Than a Greased Scotsman!

...or so they claim. Wizards of the Coast has a full page ad out in this month's ToyFare magazine (issue #75) for their Simpsons collectible trading card game (CCG). The game is due out in October (although there may be more delays).

Visit the game's official site for more information and for details on how to receive a free booster pack with purchase of a theme deck.

The DVD Easter Eggs website has updated with the known hidden features on the Season 3 DVD set. The ones they have listed are some funny audio outtakes on Disc 3, a sketch gallery on Disc 4, and four alternate commentaries with either Mike Reiss and Al Jean.

MORE NEWS: First...2..Last

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