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Patty and Selma Pull Into The Station

Man, this train just doesn't end, does it? Shipping now is the seventh issue of the The Simpsons Christmas Express series, featuring Patty and Selma puffing away as usual. Collectors have been told to possibly expect up to 25 trains total in the set, but no definite number was given. More info on the set and ordering info can be found on

The lineup for the fourth series of collectible Simpsons bendable figures by NJ Croce Co.has been revealed and it sounds like another great set of figures. The next series will be themed to Springfield Elementary and will include bendable figures of Principal Skinner, Edna Krabappel, Milhouse van Houten, Ralph Wiggum, and Bart wearing a his trusty cap. A figure of Lumpy (the school snake) will be also be available in the limited edition box set. Thanks to SCS member kevinjsfbay for the info.

Simpsons Mini-Busts Shipping Now

The first series of Simpsons mini-busts from Sideshow Toy are shipping now, according to their website. Staffer blueduck37 also spotted them at Toy Tokyo in Manhattan for $29.99 each. This series features Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa. For details and pictures on these busts, see our Release Guide item and Michael Crawford's review from July.

Thank You, Come Again!

Recently released by Spin Master is an item called the Simpson's Squishee Maker. Probably similar to the old Snoopy Snow-Cone Maker, it allows you to "turn any of your favourite drinks into a Squishee". It is now shipping from and should be in stores soon. Thanks to SCS maintainer Scotchtoberfest for the heads up.

Coming soon from Hasbro is the Bart Prankster Phone, a working telephone which include clips from famous prank calls and resemble Bart's Krusty telephone. This item was mentioned by a Entertainment Earth representative at our Simpsons collecting panel in San Diego and is sure to be a popular item. EE currently has it available for preorder for $39.99.

MWC On Board, Something Something Burt Ward

The Be-Sharps playset has just started to hit, but our own Captain Toy has already given it a definitive going over tonight at Michael's Review of the Week and on our forums. Check it out! If the review is not on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 9/26/03.

Burns/Smithers Diorama Update

UPDATE (9/25): Playmates has informed us that this and future diorama sets are on hold and their fate depends on if sales of the first three sets improve.

We have gotten some inquiries lately regarding the status of the Nuclear Power Plant diorama set. We have just received an update from Playmates on this. The set is still scheduled to be released, but will be shipping with reorders of the original three rerelease diorama packs. We will keep you updated on this if new info comes in.

Good news for our neighbors up north! Canada finally has a new official distributor for the World of Springfield line. It is a company based in Quebec called DanaWares and they have been promoting their Simpsons partnership on their official site. TRUs in Canada are now receiving the Series 13 figures, Military Antiques Shop set, and Rerelease diorama two-packs. Thanks to SCS member silent samaritan for the news.

Krusty Bendies Out?

While no in-store sightings have been reported yet, it appears that the Krustylu Studios bendable set, the third series by NJ Croce Co. (not including the special THOH set), has been released. The set has shown up on eBay, indicating that more sightings are imminent.

New Series 14 Images At Amazon has released new images for Kilted Willie, Luigi, Mrs. Botz, Ms. Hoover, Louie, and the Sarcastic Man from Series 14. This is the first time we've had a look at the accessories for this series, though not all are pictured yet. This series is due out in a couple weeks along with the Aztec Theater playset.

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