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According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping Wednesday to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them... read more

Collectors have gotten word from Playmates Toys customer service (which we have now confirmed) about their revised 2003 offerings, including the Stonecutters mail-away promotion that will follow the Be Sharps!... read more

Kang Sticker Invades SCS Store

Two new items have been added to the SCS Logo Store: the Kang: Sticker for $2.49 each and the I'm an Exclusive: Messenger Bag for $20.99 each.

Mmmm, Burger King Preorder...

eBay power-seller supply312 is taking preorders for Burker King's Creepy Classics toys, as she did with last year's promotion. Her preorder, open to U.S. buyers only, will be $9.99 plus $6.20 S&H for 1 set and $2.00 S&H for each additional set. This set of 10 figures will be in BK Kids Meals starting the week of October 7th.

Series 10 Shortpack Info Revealed

Our Playmates liaison, Michael Crawford, got info on how the addition of Hank Scorpio in the Series 10 mix would affect case breakdowns. He says there isn't one figure left out of some of the cases. They are working between the Scorpio, Resort Smithers and Scout Leader Flanders figures, mixing it up to try to get the most of all of them out in the best manner. Playmates will go back to even-packed cases after this series.... read more

Limited Run For Die-Cast Figurines

Contrary to an earlier news item, it appears that the two upcoming Die-Cast figurine sets from Rocket USA will not be exclusive to anyone. However, each set will have a very limited run of 1,600 of each set. Thanks to SunwayCo for this information.

Members in several areas have reported that Target stores are clearancing Series 9 figures for between $2.98 and $4.18 each and Assortment D & E playsets for between $9.98 and $13.99. Target has previously run clearances like these before the next series of figures and sets arrives in its stores.

EB Announces KBBL Delay

According to, the EB/Diamond co-exclusive KBBL Studios playset has been pushed back to October 14. This set was originally scheduled for release this month.

Time for another inside look at an SCS member, this time it's 20 Questions with Confused Melon. Make sure you check out the SCS Magazine for this and all of our past 20 questions interviews.

UPDATE (9/30): Voting is over and the results have now been posted.

It is time again to submit our 10 Questions to Playmates and we need your votes. We have looked everyone's suggestions and compiled a list of 20 questions, from which you can pick your choices. Please visit the Voting Booth and let us know which 10 you think are the most important today.

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