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9/18/2001 Mo' Moe - discuss is pre-selling more Pin Pal Moe bundles, with t-shirts and past exclusives. This new picture of Moe was shown. Past exclusives were offered in bundles but still sold later singly online.

Rocket USA, who has produced tin Futurama merchandise, is now introducing products for that show's millennial ancestor. The focus on supporting characters in the line-up, which includes wind-ups, die-cast figures, signs, and coasters, is contributing to early positive buzz.

There is a petition up now for stores such as Electronics Boutique that offer pre-orders for toys and collectibles to provide accurate release dates. We did not help with or sponsor this petition, but we felt it deserved a mention. Better customer service for toy collectors is always important in our hobby.

FOX has made the The Simpsons Season 1 DVD trailer available online. Here are direct links to download:

High Quality (3.8 MB)
Low Quality (1.6 MB)

It is with great happiness for the winners, and great sadness for our moderators, who did not win, that we announce the results of the Playmates inventory-counting contest... read more

Here is a copy of the latest Simpsons e-mail update from New Force Comics & Collectibles with a focus on future availability and release dates... read more

Our members The Crouching White Kid and Coolcatmissy spent the last few weeks helping us run a no-holds barred round-by-round battle to determine which Simpsons episode is the board's favorite.

The result? "22 Short Films About Springfield" is the final winner. Read more to see how the rounds broke down ... read more

Wizard World is offering the ToyFare exclusive Pin Pal Moe World of Springfield figure for purchase in a bundle along with various magazines, busts and other Wizard World items. ... read more

PlayMates Toys representative Paula has confirmed that the World of Springfield bundle that some were hoping would be the upcoming "Treehouse of Horror II" playset is not the TOH2 but rather the set of Series 6 figures offered at one price. ... read more

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the tragedies in New York, Washington D.C., and near Pittsburgh. We are thankful that some of our members who were close enough to witness the devastation are safe and hope the same for everyone. Our moderator blueduck37 discussed his firsthand eyewitness of the New York attack in our "Moe's Tavern" forum... read more

MORE NEWS: First...234567..Last

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