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UPDATE (9/29): Following up our earlier story, brianch1 reports that 8 out of 10 Toys "R" Us warehouses now have Treehouse of Horror II on hand. Warehouse 5601 (Rialto, CA) still has it pending and warehouse 8301 (Frederick, MD) is a step behind with it still on order.

TOH2 continues to roll into the warehouses and into stores. Five of the ten TRU warehouses have moved ahead one step in the shipment process to either on hand or pending status, and only one still has their shipment on order... read more

UPDATE: D'OH! After cleaning out the last of the duplicate and banned users from our roster, there're only 921 users left!

Simpsons Collector Sector has just reached two grand landmarks in one day. We signed up our 1,000th message board member and we received our 1,000th signature on the petition to stop ToyFare exclusives. This week has been another great example of our members working together to make those hard-to-find toys a little more obtainable. Thanks to all of our loyal members, contributors, and readers!

Laura Quirk (member Supply312), who has been taking preorders for the BK Spooky Light-ups promotional toys sent us an email today stating that she can't accept any more orders. ... read more

Burger King published an official press release today announcing the new Simpsons Spooky Light-Up Halloween meal toys. The main revelation is that there will be 15 toys in the set, with 3 available each week for 5 weeks. Early reports however are indicating that which 3 your store gets first may be different at different locations. Here is the full press release... read more

TRU Employee informs us that the Toys "R" Us Georgia warehouse has the next wave of figures and playsets pending. They should hit stores next week and most TRU stores should have them by the 2nd week of October. The Series 6 figures SKN is 342152 and the playsets SKN is 342168. The Christmas exclusive should be out by early November, as TRU plans to stock up in advance on holiday items.

American Dream Comics is holding a unique contest on their web site, in which one of the seven collectible action figure prizes will be a Treehouse of Horror II. Every time you post a meaningful message on one of their forums through October 30th, you will be automatically entered in the contest.

You may remember Playmates told us in last month's Q&A that playset figures like Marge and Apu would be sold on the card as part of a foreign release of non-talking World of Springfield figures. Member dark simpson sent us what appears to be a first look at the foreign carded Marge & Maggie distributed by Bandai.

Member shaughn13 found the Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy set in California on Thursday via his in-store Electronics Boutique pre-order and sent us pictures! The item is still available for order at Rammius from the message board posted the playset quotes... read more

Meander on over to Collecting Simpsons! where you can check out images and descriptions of some great new items like the Simpsons sippers from Jazzwares and the new Simpsons Cereal.

UPDATE (9/27/2001): Member helmetstillrules writes: "I was able to buy 2 of the 3 intial case assortment figures...Burns and Flanders. As you probably already know there are 5 assortments, with 3 characters each. Stores are to sell one case assortment per week for a total of 5 weeks. I believe what I got was the first of the 5 assortments to come in."

We await confirmation from more members that BKs out there have these figures and on whether there are 'chase' figures or not - send in those emails!

... read more

MORE NEWS: First...234567..Last

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