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Simpsons Collector Sector administrator Michael Crawford has published his review of Treehouse of Horror II on his long-running Michael's Review of the Week web site. He includes some terrific pictures of the loose toys on display and close-ups of the set's detail.

EBay seller zencat2000 says she found this set in Tokyo last week, is auctioning it now, and sent us these pictures. You'll notice that the color of Bart and Lisa's clothes has changed from the prototype.

Series 6 figures are now in-stock at the following independent and online retailers, although they have not yet been found at any major retail chains... read more

Here is a side-by-side shot from shaughn13 comparing the scale of a World of Springfield Smithers to the Spooky Light-Up Mr. Burns.

With every major retail promotion comes major retail promotional materials. This nifty Burger King Spooky Light-ups advertising sheet features original artwork, displays new photos of all 15 toys, and incorporates a 1950s B-movie theme.

As if there weren't enough new releases to whet our appetite lately, it appears Boxing Homer is coming soon. A Chicagoan posted at Action Figure Times that Wizard has charged his credit card for the figure. If he shows up 3 months after Pin Pal Burns, since their issues were 3 months apart, he will arrive on October 18th.

Following up our earlier story, brianch1 reports that 8 out of 10 Toys "R" Us warehouses now have Treehouse of Horror II on hand. Warehouse 5601 (Rialto, CA) still has it pending and warehouse 8301 (Frederick, MD) is a step behind with it still on order.

Our World of Springfield Phrase Database has been updated with phrases for the Asst. B Church and Arcade environments, Jimbo and Rev. Lovejoy. Loose pictures will be added on Monday. Enjoy!

Member shaughn13 came through again with an image of three Burger King Simpsons Spooky Light-ups, Mr. Burns, Apu, and Ned Flanders. They were found for 65 cents each in Sacramento, CA. Member Wedadopest found Maggie, Willie, and Dr. Hibbert at his store. Action Figure Times has pictures of Marge and Barney. What assortment each Burger King gets first seems to be random.

UPDATE (9/30): The operators are now claiming this item is too popular to keep track of and saying our report that they would was "an error," even though they did this for many people throughout the day.

Member StSwimmunzDay posted this tip for tracking down TOH2. Call the TRU "EZEXPRESS" number at 877-877-2822 with the TOH2 SKN ("skin number") of 343156. They try to find a store near you with the item, charge your credit card, and reserve it for you to pick up. Other members reported success doing this as well, however this is only allowed if it's currently in-stock at the store. Don't forget to use TRU's Store Locator to find stores near you.

MORE NEWS: 123456..Last

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