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Has Homer Solved The Mystery Of The Alternate Box?

We may have our first look at the alternate Season 6 box (available at for anal-retentive nerds in North America) from across the pond. A British FOX DVD website shows two different packaging types for the R2 release of the set. The second, 'Limited Edition Simpsons Packaging' version is the Homer head that was released here in America. The regular case is a standard-shaped box themed to 'Who Shot Mr. Burns?'. Since they are getting our regular package as a 'limited edition', could we be getting their standard box as our special-order alternate box? It seems likely, but we may not know for sure until the alternate boxes begin arriving here.

Funko Reveals Bobblehead Prototypes

A Funko advertisment reveals prototype images of the first series of their planned bobblehead line. Planned for this series is: Homer, Mr. Burns, Moe, Duffman, and Apu. Moe is not pictured here, but is still scheduled. These will come in special window collector boxes. The following dealers will be offering these bobbleheads: NodderWorld and Cameron Collectibles. Thanks to SCS member itchykorean for the info.

Season 6 DVD Arrives!

Today marks the official release of the Season 6 DVD set! Best Buy and Target have the best price at $29.99 for the set. This great set features all 25 episodes, the 'Springfield's Most Wanted' special, a "Who Shot Mr. Burns" suspect gallery, deleted scenes, and commentaries on every episode... For those wanting the alternate box, Fox has set up a website- They provide a mail away form for the box. The requirements are a proof of purchase (one of the following: original sales receipt, the 800# insert you found in the box, or the original proof of purchase on the back of the episode guide booklet), a money order for shipping and handling ($2.95 in U.S.; $4.95 in Canada), and a "solemn promise to stop your whining". Woohoo!

A number of sources have provided us with detailed information on McFarlane's upcoming line of Simpsons merchandise. No dates are known on any of these releases, but we expect McFarlane will officially release solid info in the Fall. The first planned release is a diorama (based on the short "The Devil and Homer Simpson" from THOH IV) of Homer chained to a chair in Hell while the demon force-feeds him donuts. There will be a lever you pull to actually feed the donuts into his mouth and out through his back. This is a special release prior to the official launch of the line next year.

The regular line will consist of episode-specific dioramas you can build. Each series will have individually packaged figures with bases that will all connect to form a diorama scene. The first planned series is themed to "Cape Feare". The figures for this are: Homer with chainsaw and hockey mask; Bart scared against the wall; Marge, Lisa, and Maggie tied on the ground; Sideshow Bob with sword in hand; and possibly also Chief Wiggum and Lou in pajamas with guns pointed. Other episodes being discussed for future series include "Bible Stories", "Treehouse of Horror III", and "Last Exit To Springfield". No dates are known on these releases.

Another planned special release is a "Create your own couch gag” set. This set will feature all 5 Simpsons family members and the couch. The figures and the couch have magnets on them, allowing you to pose them in many different positions to create a number of different couch gag scenarios.

Thanks to SCS member Oliver D. for the information.

Season 7 DVD In December?

The Season 6 DVD isn't even out yet, but there is already news that the Season 7 set could be out in December. Digital Bits reports that a Fox promotional insert lists The Simpsons Season 7, among other titles, for a December release. This matches the schedule last year that saw Season 5 released in the last week of December. If an exact date is announced, or there is a delay, we will post an update. Thanks to Also named Bort for the heads up.

As we mentioned in a news item last week, the Season 6 DVD set comes with a flyer advertising an offer to obtain a plain-style DVD box for the set (since some fans had complained about the new design). We can verify that this offer is legit and they state the boxes will ship soon. However, please note the flyer lists a 1-800 number- The number is correct, except it's a 1-888 number, not 1-800. Please keep that in mind when you receive your sets. The full text of the flyer is below:... read more

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Simpsons Seasons 6-10 DVD Preview

Australian DVD info site DVD Bits has posted an exclusive box art image for the next five Simpsons DVD sets. We don't know if these are the official images, but the site seems very reliable. Either way, this is likely what we can expect for Seasons 7-10. It looks like Season 7 is Marge, Season 8 is Lisa, Season 9 is Maggie, and Season 10 is Bart. No release schedules are known. Thanks to SimpsonGeek for the heads up.

Season 6 DVD: A Look Inside Homer's Head

SCS administrator blueduck37 obtained an early copy of the Season 6 DVD set, due out on August 16. Several pictures of the packaging and inside have been added to our Release Guide. The packaging change has been controversial with fans. Although full details are not yet known, the DVD does come with a flyer advertising a 1-800 number for fans who "dislike storing their digital media inside a hollowed-out human head" that they can call to obtain a "old-style just-like-before box". Also, for those wondering, the set does contain the 'Springfield's Most Wanted' TV special that aired prior to Season 7. Other features include a "Who Shot Mr. Burns" suspect gallery, deleted scenes, and commentaries on every episode.

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