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MWC (P)reviews Be-Sharp Barney

A little sneak preview for collectors (except those who attended our SDCC panel), Michael Crawford looks at the latest Be-Sharp figure tonight at Michael's Review of the Week. With the set now completed, MWC examines the John Lennon of the gang- Barney. (If the review is not on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 8/21/03.)

UPDATED (2:30 pm): We've isolated the problem to a series of corrupt images, which have been removed from the main/news page. You may continue to experience minor issues after visiting recent release guide entries such as that for the Group Photo game.

Many users of the SCS have reported that the images from this website are not being served to their browsers.

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Another Blinky Bart Saved

Yesterday, ezboard member oggiedoggie offered a rare Save Blinky Bart action figure for sale or trade through our message board. SCS webmaster phalen180 purchased the figure, an error version with two right arms and only the third figure of its kind to surface, for an undisclosed amount.

Pictures of the latest Save Blinky Bart have been added to our Release Guide.

Group Photo Game: Exclusive Look

With thanks to Derek Stucker at USAopoly (the makers of Simpsons Clue and Simpsons Monopoly), we bring you an exclusive look at the upcoming Group Photo game. "Simpsons Group Photo" is a card game featuring all-new Simpsons artwork from the artists at Fox. See our Release Guide for details and many sample images.

The folks at do some interesting action figure reviews and they recently did one for the popular Stephen Hawking figure from Series 13. Check out the "What's New" section for their most recent reviews.

Be-Sharp Barney Orders Processing

Orders for Be-Sharp Barney are starting to be processed, according to the mail-away rebate inquiry site. Barney is the last of the Be-Sharps. All three previous mail-aways (Homer for Series 10, Apu for Series 11, and Skinner for Series 12) are still available for those catching up on the set. See our F.A.Q. for more info.

The first image of the Krustylu Studios bendable set can be seen at online retailer Entertainment Earth. This third series of bendies by NJ Croce Co (the first and second series are still available) includes figures of Krusty the Klown, Sideshow Mel, Sideshow Bob, Corporal Punishment, and Bart wearing an 'I Love Krusty' shirt. Single-carded versions of the main five will likely be available, but a Mr. Teeny figure will only be available in the box set.

Flashback, Future Burns Ads in Toyfare

This month's issue of ToyFare magazine (#74) includes advertisements for both the online exclusive Flashback (Ullman) set from and the Future Burns set from New Force Comics. Follow the release guide links to see a scan of each ad; thanks to member semaj nala for providing the images.

It Doesn't Matter, Because I'm Homer Simpson!

Early prototype art for the upcoming Power Plant Cafeteria set was revealed last month, but tonight we have a cool treat from Playmates Toys: prototype images of the actual set! Detailed shots of the set have been added to our Release Guide for your geeky perusal. No images of the prototype for the Frank Grimes figure have been released yet.

I Promise You Victory!  I Promise You Good Times!

With thanks again to Chris Lauria and Playmates Toys, we are bringing you a Playset Art Exclusive Look: Bart's Treehouse, the eighth in our continuing series of behind-the scenes features on the development of WoS playsets. Check out this and the previous installments in the SCS Magazine.

MORE NEWS: First...23..Last

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