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Member Number908 has been sending us pics of his San Diego Comic Con adventures. Check out new shots of Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy and Evil Krusty Doll. Read on to see what appear to be Simpsons vinyl statues and to witness his close encounter with Matt Groening... read more

Following in Bumblebeeman's footsteps, Bartman's card has also been found switched over to a variant with the "Aztec Theater" text and the sticker covering it now gone. It's likely the other three error carded figures in this wave will experience the same variant as well.

8/12/2001 Wave 1, Eh

Canadian eBayer typhoon70 is auctioning off massive quantities of Wave 1. You can get countless Barts and Homers from him for retail and maybe some other decent deals. He may have got these from Canadian TRUs, which carried a lot of Wave 1 before dropping the line.

We found another online store selling Simpsons action figures and collectibles, Toy Bliss. You might just find a little slice of paradise among their Simpsons toys, videos, fine art sculptures, cards, games, stickers, lunchboxes, clocks, Pop-out People, and posters.

If you've been wondering what those stamped codes such as A1170 on your Bumblebee Man or A1122 on your Pin Pal Burns mean, we have added an explanation to our FAQ.

We found the first Wave 5 card variation, a Bumblebee Man with "Krusty Burger (Coming soon)" printed, not stickered on. The correction's less bold font is not a perfect match. Perhaps the wave's other corrections will change too. The checklist still has the defect on Lisa's eye that all Bumblebee Man cards have:

Kay-Bee seems to have caught up. After getting in Wave 4 rather late just last month, they began putting out Wave 5 figure cases this week, at $7.99 per figure. It sounds like they're only getting one case per store.

ToyFever has graciously provided us with a MIB ToyFare exclusive Pin Pal Burns - and we're giving it away! Enter today!
Contest ends August 17, 2001, winning entry to be chosen randomly from all entrants on August 18, 2001. One entry per household, please.

Now when you call ToyFare customer service at (845)268-3594, you hear a pre-recorded message stating that all Pin Pal Burns figures will be shipped by August 20th. Don't worry, our poll shows most people did not get theirs yet.

As we reported earlier this week, Toys "R" Us is receiving Series 5 figures in quantity this week. We continue to hear reports of the figures showing up in east coast locations.

MORE NEWS: First...23456789..Last

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