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Updating an earlier story, the eBay seller offering CCBG cancelled his auction. No CCBGs were spotted for sale at the Wizard World convention, although one was seen in a Wizard display. It was suggested some may have been brought in as prizes in the Comic Book Guy look-alike contest, but we have neither confirmed this nor whether the early copy came through a Wizard employee or otherwise.

New Force has confirmed new Playmates products announced here earlier. Changes were 10" Mr Burns swapped with Apu from Series 1 to 3 and Celebrity Series 1 moved up 2 months to December. No WoS past June, 2002 nor the Jasper/Eddie playsets were confirmed. Blocko and 10" line details were added to our releases page.

Rick of New Force posted today, "Our Playmates Homer Dot Pals should arrive next Wednesday....all preorders will ship then...we might have a handful left to sell at $49.99...but, not sure yet. In any event, look for specialty stores to start stocking the item (Like EB, etc)."

Member Aye Aye Aye No me Gusta reports that World of Springfield Series 1 is currently on sale in Spain at a store called El Corte Ingles. Most interesting is that the playsets play the voice quotes in Spanish. Does this mean Bumblebee Man will speak English?

Honored member Beau433 recently visited the Wizard World convention in Chicago, and saw a display stand for Toyfare exclusive Simpsons figures. On display were Radioactive Homer, Pin Pal Mr. Burns, Boxing Homer, and surprisingly, the Pin Pal Moe exclusive. We will post pics if they become available.

Want hard evidence of which Series 5 figures are the most popular? carries Series 5 and has an option to sort their listings by sales. Here is the ranking starting at bestselling... read more

Rick of New Force Comics has informed us that they will be picking up Series 6 figures and Church/Arcade playsets from Playmates overseas next week. Judging by past timing, this means we could see both assortments begin arriving in stores by late September. New Force also has them up for pre-order now.

Although not as fast as Target, Toys "R" Us, or Kay-Bee this time, Wal-Mart has begun to receive Series 5 figures. The first sightings came from the west coast, although these are sure to reach Wal-Marts across the whole country soon.

A source inside Toys "R" Us has informed us that the retail chain has ordered approximately 25,000 of their exclusive Treehouse of Horror II. Opinions vary as to whether this quantity is too low or just right, but for sure one thing that no one's saying is that it's too high. Talk to your local TRUs in advance, inform them of the demand, and make sure they distribute this exclusive fairly.

Surprisingly, one eBayer is already selling the ToyFare Exclusive Convention Comic Book Guy boxed and in-hand... read more

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