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Click the heading to see one of the only style of foreign language WoS toys known of so far. Note the full artwork of all characters on the back of the card, allowing distributor Bandai to use the same cardback on every figure. Keep in mind the voices are only stored in the playsets, so this Mr. Burns still speaks English on a U.S. playset and any Mr. Burns speaks Spanish on a Spanish playset.

As we do every month, we have begun soliciting questions from our readers to ask Jeff Trojan at Playmates. Read over our past Q&As and post your own questions for consideration. The selection and voting process will last a week.

The winner of our Pin Pal Burns giveaway is Dylan Matheson of New Orleans, Louisiana. Congratulations, Dylan!

Just as sells out of Captain McCallister, KBKids has stocked all Series 5 for the high-end price of $9.99 each. We also noticed longtime e-tailer DNSToys still has all Series 4 but Itchy & Scratchy for $7.99 each.

Updating an earlier report on Treehouse of Horror II, we were granted a closer look inside Toys "R" Us' computer system, showing a breakdown by region of the quantity on order of this exclusive set. Added up, the total quantity came to 20,000. 20,000 has also been the rumored amount of Christmas exclusive sets on order.

Michael Crawford has come through once again with answers to 10 questions chosen by our readers and put to Playmates VP of Boys Toys Jeff Trojan.

Read the Magazine interview for the full scoop!

Rick of New Force has given us some preliminary price estimates of the new 2002 product. The Celebrity Series will be 20-25% more expensive than standard figures, possibly due to voice licensing costs, making the price probably $6.99 at Toys "R" Us. Blocko 3-packs may be $10 with 10" figures at $20.

It appears that this Martin card variant may have been a mispack of a figure intended for the overseas market. Some European collectors told us that the WoS figures they buy over there have had the punch hole hanger since Series 1. Martin was the only one in this case at KB that had it.

Bart Box just found this curious package variation on Martin Prince at a Washington KB. Can you spot it? Instead of the "J-hook" that most modern action figures like WoS have on their cards, this one has an '80s-style punch hole that is seen on very few action figure lines today. Time will tell if every Series 5 figure experiences the change.

MORE NEWS: First...2345678..Last

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