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For those who have a taste for fine collectibles, four Simpsons jelly lollipops have recently been spotted at Spencer Gifts for the premium price of $1.99 each. Watch out Lisa and other vegetarians because these do contain gelatine powder. has put a Simpsons World of Springfield Bundle up for pre-order for $34.99. Curiously, the SKN is the same one TRU was using for the cancelled Main Street. There is no description, but a search for "bundle" reveals that they offer them for many toy lines and each contains a random assortment of items.

Thanks to the generosity of about 50 of our members we have paid EZBoard for a Gold Level membership. What does that mean? Absolutely no ads! Within three days you will notice that the forums will have no banners, no pop-ups, no Zedo ads, nothing. This is fantastic and our members have themselves to thank for it.

We added a new entry to Releases on the controversial, cancelled second series of early 1990s Mattel Simpsons action figures, with pictures and an explanation of this both fascinating and disturbing alternate reality of Simpsons toys.

According to one of our members who spoke with ToyFare over the phone yesterday, the last shipment of Pin Pal Burns went out over a week ago on Monday, August 20th. The postage class used is a low one, and it takes time for the first post office to process all the packages, but ToyFare says if you still haven't received it within 3 weeks after that date, you should contact them.

Toy Fever has started a new contest to win Pin Pal Burns. Send your original handdrawn or digital artwork of TV/Movie/Cartoon/Comic characters to, one contest entry per submission. They will post their favorites. The deadline is September 30th with the winner chosen the next day.

According to one of our board members who spoke with a ToyFare representative, the ToyFare #50 magazine offer for the figure is now sold out. It sounds like this one took about 3 weeks to sell out, compared to 2 weeks for Boxing Homer and 1 for Pin Pal Burns.

Our fearless leader markwars1972 is spearheading a fund drive to make our message boards ad free. We need to earn about $500 in order to get to our goal.

Please send donations of any amount (even $1) to at Click the header above if you still need to sign up for Paypal.

It is with great sadness that I announce the watermarking of images on Simpsons Collector Sector, but at this point there would seem to be no good solution to a problem which we have lately been experiencing.
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First there was Casual Homer, now eBayer has taken the next logical step and customized Naked Homer Simpson. Look quick if you must because the explicit detail is likely to be deemed "too hot" for eBay.

MORE NEWS: First...234567..Last

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